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So you weren't in TLL? We are not TLL either any more, but we are still allied with them. I haven't been around much, real life has been taking over from Travian so my duals have been down a person. I'll be playing ukx though when it restarts.

Oh and I don't hate goat, he's just a bad team mate and very deceitful.
Well I have left travian cuz of similar problems . But might give WW shot a last time here. And To your question. I never been in TLL. I left when my ally wanted to join TLL. Gave leadership to someone else. You know it that I do not really like metas.

About ukx, So you really gonna play it? Then i'll make a low profiled anvil a/c to keep an eye lol!

About BW aka Goat: He wasn't that bad. You guys were great in same team under shadow.