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Thread: Formal Message from Wild Alpha Council

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    So if I understand duncanidaho correctly, RED's strategic vision for the rest of the server was to

    A. continue on with the warm and fuzzy security that the WILD were dupes and would not attack them while

    B. they cuddle up close to and merge with the biggest threat of the SE

    I mean... its a nice and safe plan if you can get away with it.
    But not so safe if the dupes wake up before its too late.

    We have heard you guys complain for long enough about how the server was over, since the SE and SW provided absolutely no competition. (this despite never actually attacking any SE or SW alliances)
    Although I know it is infinitely easier to just kick up your feet and look down on others without actually having to prove yourself, you will not have that luxury any more.

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    sorry, i think we went along with the WILD doctrine of "ruling with an iron fist, smashing any objections, treat members like sheep, use when needed, no questions are meant to be asked, if asked, smash with said iron fist."
    Remember, WILD did not deceive us members alone, RED did it too. Whether RED deceived WILD or WILD deceived RED, is of no concern to me really, since WE (members of both alliances), were in the dark all along. We thought RED was an enemy, but RED members set there in NE thinking the same about us.

    To the leaders this discussion is more about who deceived who, since RED seems to think WILD deceived them and WILD seems to think RED did the deceiving.

    To me, as a member, this discussion is seemingly pointless and useless. We were deceived (members of both alliances), full stop. Both alliances are equally to be blamed. That is just the way I feel. Agreed, there are somethings that shouldn't be shared by everyone in the alliance due to spies and what not, but we should have known who we were fighting for. I guess that no longer matters any more. Everything's clear.

    I should be thanking you all.. I hope this will be a sever never to be forgotten
    Wild all the way!
    I saw weird stuff in that place last night. Weird, strange, sick, twisted, eerie, godless, evil stuff... and I want in.

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    WOW I am still trying to wrap my head around anyone even thinking that playing with the RED leader in question would ever be a good idea. I had the misfortune of doing so on a previous ser6 with MYTH. 90% of our problems had to do with his arrogant self righteousness. And in a position of power?? ROFLMAO My God I feel sorry for the WILD alphas having to deal with his boorish stupidity. It makes me all warm and fuzzy now tho, knowing we are going to get to blast you off the face of the travian earth. So bring it on little boy. Show us what your big mouth has to offer.

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    i just want to remind you all that this a game, even though sometimes things like this takes away all the joy of the game, but still its a game stop acting like kids pls, all the name calling and the insults arent necessary if u wanna have a go at eachother you can do so on the battlefield cause this is just childish and like super nerdy on a level beyond imagination
    Quote Originally Posted by herbalmessiah View Post
    I hope you realize you will never win an arguement with silent wind. You may think you can, but you can't.

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    Well, for better or for worse, we are here. I don't like it here. I don't agree with somethings that happened, but by gum Wild is still my alliance and about bloody time we had a real war! Reading the comments so far, looks like there's pent up frustration on both sides, should be a fun one.

    @ Wild, I am sorry I went off like that on the public forum, wasn't the best thing to do. But I am not retracting anything I said.

    @ RED - Do you think there's more to the whole conspiracy theory that chupacabras have secretly taken over the UN and want to force every human on this planet to wear green on sundays?

    Good luck to both sides. Let's roll.

    Oh, about this-

    Quote Originally Posted by Defensive_Rat View Post
    Gira is quiet now, is she back in the kitchen where she belongs?
    Good sir, are you aware of what happens when a male cooks? The last time a male in my block cooked something, the entire part of the city was quarantined due to "the appearance of organic biohazard of unknown origin".
    No, it wasn't me who cooked that green, giant looking thing that has broccoli, cheese, gear oil, old socks dripping off it, with just a touch of salt for taste! Honest!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by phalanx View Post
    They had an agreement with Greifer.
    Who had an agreement with Griefer?

    I quit this server recently (gave away my account) because of among other reasons:

    Wild and RED were allied. (Apparently not anymore).
    Wild had Yrachmael planted in SW to lead a buffer alliance for them.

    That left two other alliances on the server. IP and Lords in SE. IP and Lords have/had no relation due to a strong dislike of lords by basically every IP member.

    I've been in such servers before. I was in one in 08-09 were my alliance ended up owning 13 of 13 WW's, it was fun for me though. I got tired of this game back in august and finally decided I was not going to waste my time on a server where NW, NE and the SE leader were planning this server together against a crap alliance (Lords) and a 19 member alliance that had no affiliation to eachother.

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    This is mindblowing stuff. I'm going to Mister Mister someone, screw the drinking age limits.
    Wait for meeeeeeeeeee... What's it going to be? Your 1st drink?
    Lets put this in words though, Maca, you should not be drinking..

    Quick, call the cab.. Lets get out of here XD
    I saw weird stuff in that place last night. Weird, strange, sick, twisted, eerie, godless, evil stuff... and I want in.

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    PF, it is understandable that you might not want to discuss the reasons in the pubs but could you let your own alliance mates know?
    Why would I? I relinquished any leadership position months ago. I've got nothing to explain. I don't talk for RED on here and have stressed that for weeks.
    Let's just say, given the presented opportunity, who was stupidest? RED for ensuring a level of security, or WILD for allying with a group they never trusted from the start (worth me pointing out I still play this game with people I met 5-6 years ago online before Gira yarps about 'loyalty' again - when she first played Travian, our team was already entrenched in leadership/cross-server war as a *single* alliance.

    I left RED leadership because WILD were so difficult to speak to. I had better things to do with five hours a night than listen to the pointless, repetitive yap and go blue in the face explaining the simplistic terms of words, or arguing against the unification of the NE (ie simming).

    I didn't sign any pre-server agreements.
    I was made aware later, then I tried to ensure things were fine.

    BUT, as we did, Froggy was on here posting PRIVATE IGMs and attempting to claim RED had fallen to pieces.

    That's kinda what the end was for me. WILD failing to control their members. Funny how they failed, and our response was shocking. It wasn't. What's shocking is WILD having a blatant troll who speaks for them publicly who "cannot be trusted".

    I asked Gira to tell Froggy so time was not spent wasted attempting to safeguard RED's public persona. She refused as Froggy was "untrustworthy".
    I repeat. A liar is a liar.

    When someone posts PRIVATE IGMs out of context, I think a decent counter is blatantly making one up. One so ridiculous and far-fetched it was almost believable (for idiots).

    Whilst I did so in absolutely clearly satirical, made-up ways, Froggy got so hideously angsty because HE stooped so low as to post PRIVATE IGMs on the forum and thought others may be prepared to do the same. In RED, they're generally not.

    @Macalista - so the reason Froggy has no data to back up his claims is simple. The post was removed. Deleted, because he broke the forum rules.
    Yet somehow, here Froggy still is, lying and lying and lying til his nose is so long he can type with it.
    "When you do things right... people won't be sure you've done anything at all"

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    This all stinks of history repeating itself to me.

    A few servers back before wild super-metad it up, I was involved in leadership when we merged with giras alliance at the time.

    Gira is a clever one in fairness, and a few things mentioned in others posts strike a memory recurrence to me lol. Gira will talk about the other side were unfair and how they didnt follow agreements but it is never that simple.

    Giras basic tactic is to divide people up within the audience to believers and non believers, then setup a little skype room with her followers, ram the idea into them and decide upon it, then take it to the full table, where it is offered as a deal, she will gauge the reaction, then pull the non believer most likely to sway to another room with 2-3 of her most trusteds. This will continue until opinion is swayed or threats need to be made.

    There is never any discussion, Giras way is the only way and do not cross her, because well she has an alliance of about 18 wings to deal with you if you do lol.

    Personally I am glad this server has come to this, I have never been a fan of being in a meta, and to be fair wild isn't a meta, wild is server domination by controlling the server from the start, will this method work? time will tell.

    I am not on here to bad mouth people, I am stating how I found Gira in the past, I do not think her methods are particularly nasty or bad, they are just not for me personally.

    The history of RED is that it is in the scheme of things a small alliance, I am glad it will be staying that way.

    I do find it funny that her 2 initial posts were like this, 1st post ended "Rather than cry about where it all went wrong, we have decided to move on, play the game, and have fun with the teammates that do appreciate being part of our team. Good luck to all combatants." and her second started "Dear Red,
    You suck as a secret wing and by formal vote of a supermajority of the Wild Alpha Council you are formally ejected."

    And for Froggy thanks for being on the forums, it gives people like PF and a few others a play toy on here which keeps others amused

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    This thread (essentially the original two posts and Caliban|DFox's posts) are bordering on nonsensical.

    Wild's own membership have complained about Ice's attitude (and tried giving away artefacts to spite her).
    Wild's own council members called people names (Gira told Ice she was acting like a donkey hole) yet it is represented that only RED's council members resorted to name calling.
    Wild's own behaviour - withholding information of RED member(s) stating that they will give RED artefacts away, betraying a spy in SWAT when they realized we had a spy there as well, and more - those aren't the actions of teammates.

    So this proposal that RED are hypocritical/biased/mean name callers blah blah is precisely what Wild's council did or advocated.

    Here's the best way to understand this:

    DFox(Caliban) has written more in this thread than he had in months of being in the shared Alpha Council room. Guess why? Any takers?

    It would explain his poor reading comprehension.

    Consider the following (this is basically for you, Macalista - you can find me on Skype if you want the whole server story as I'm too lazy to type it out and to correct many of the mistakes that are presented here):

    Caliban claims that RED members have claimed they are oh so great. Where did this take place? Are you trying to infer that from the basic argument that was presented to you? Here it is, again:

    a) RED, even as a wing of WILD, noted that the WILD presence in the NW is larger than the RED presence in the NE, and
    b) since RED had more hostile targets, our growth was slower and we couldn't secure our quad as fast as you did your quad (Ice seemed to have a tough time understanding this, PF will likely remember as he was there for that disaster), therefore
    c) We had a more challenging server start.

    The above is simply a deduction based on numbers/positioning. Nowhere is there any 'chest thumping'. In fact, your inference that the above argument is anything more than statements of facts simply shows how insecure you are. You're insecure because people call you 'zerg'. Why not just accept that you outnumber your opponents?

    Oh, and nobody really believes WILD are just the 4 wings in the NW. That's why you were pushing for RED to declare war on 'the only threat on the SE' (lol!) a few armies? Instead of SWAT in the SW who had been attacking us?

    No SWAT members curious about the lack of retaliation? Hrm?

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