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Thread: Congrats to a&t

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    I promised a longer speech in my earlier message. So, let's see what I can write. There may be some clerical errors.

    The worst and the last server in my Travian career is now over. It gave me actually nothing. But I still met many important persons on this server who I'm keeping contact after almost a half year from my quit.

    My com8 started few weeks after the start. I started on com servers just from nothing. I knew no people here and noticed one account which was searching for a dual on com8. I took contact to LS, one of the players on CaptianElie. After telling something about me and my career in Travian they took me on the account and I started playing on com8.

    It was pretty quiet in first few weeks, just meeting new persons in my ally, GOW. We started heavy raiding again and raised hammer for artefacts. In some point Gow and Olimp merged and made new ally together. It was called Deus. I didn't like the idea, so didn't many other Gow players neither. Well, the merge still gave us a lots of good also.

    Just before the artefacts came the main team started getting inactive and I became the leader on the account. Then the artefacts landed and I decided with Haseeb and Chris to take small trainers and later some other artefact. The arte was very far away but we still got it. We were growing the hammer for arties but it still was pretty small. About 25k clubs and 5-10k TKs.

    Anyway, we tried to steal small boots from T with our ridicilous hammer. We sent it just after it got home from the trainers. I sent our some instructions how I wanted deus to fake T. After sending the MM, I started sending fakes and sent the hammer. Then I noticed that I put the main fake target (Spartan's great architech's secret) to first in the list which supposed to be the our target. I sent the hammer in the first target in the fake list and of course I didn't remember that I changed the targed. The hammer was sent in the wrong target. It was 100% sure death. I noticed it too late and we all were pretty pissed. Elie wanted to quit the whole server and everyone thought that I was a spy. We decided to continue but we all were very inactive. We gave the trainers to Mell (minumic) and she promised to give it back. We never saw the arte again.

    The rest of the server I played was just arguing and inactive ****. I was angry with the new leadership, my inactive duals and my bad life. Steroids took a very big part of my life in that point. Everything fell down. LS got kicked cause of lies from the leadership. **** like he was a spy. They also told that he wasn't really from the US. I was so stupid that I believed all that **** the gave me. LS had made own ally and was inviting the ex. Gow players in it. After we kicked him from the acc, we joined Decepticons' own ally. Then Chris quited and I gone with him. Elie gave the acc to Hannah, Decepticons' 2nd player. Pretty short time after that the acc was deleted. I also heard that the capital was also shot down 1 day before the account disappeared from the server. Never saw the reports. I still was hanging out on Skype, talking some **** and being very annyoing person. I'm sorry.

    Elie and our account were pretty important for Deus. After we quited, the Deus' downfall started and it never stopped. Maybe the quit wasn't necessary but it happend and we can't do anything for it.

    T&A, you really deserved the win. Once again: congratulations! I'll drink one shot for the server. I hope you guys and girls will do the same.

    CaptianElie after the long inactive season. It was taken in the day I quited:

    The pop rank was in top10 in the best moments and attack rank was also in top10. Hero top3. Top10 largest village in that point.

    Of course those numbers can't be compared in this moment but there are some ranks.

    I also wanna thank some people for the server:

    T & A
    Good enemys. I just never fought against you with full power.

    Team Captain, you were nice even though we had our own argues

    Deus & Gow, Thank you! Many of you were very important to me and the server wouldn't had been the same without you

    Kristian on Decepticons, my own little junkie. I love you, and your storys about weed and how good it makes for you You also were a good therapy for me and my sick mind.

    Lynette, I just love you. You are a very nice person and I hope you can stop Travian. Good luck for that, life is much better without all this.

    Hannah, no resentment about the acc

    There are many other people who I should remember in this message but I can't write it here. The list would be so long.

    This was my last server in this game and it made the stop very easy for me. If you have something to ask or you have a boring moment and need a person who to talk with, take contact on Skype. ID is juliuskokko.

    Cheers you all,

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    Happy anding with A & T although there are a few bad things in the last game. But it creates a focal point to avoid a boring finish on com8.
    hope to see you at next ruond


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    Congrats to all involved, well done to A&T. And great to have my dual back in full stride on s1

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    Been a crazy start with invalid_figures to a crazy end with laszlo. Though a little boring mid game.

    WASP really broke my heart with drooping off my wish to sim peacefully. Though they overestimated themselves or under performed(Idk) and got kicked well.

    Went running to Hand of God and well the mighty DEUS came after us and when all hope was lost rose johmc the slayer of idiots. lol Then with Team spirit and some coordination and selfless work we managed to break the hand of Idiots. still they continued to fight like idiots and never stopped fighting like idiots. If they had the hand of god T had the crazy Twin efficiency.

    Now, At the end due to some maintenance problem natars went rouge andsent extra waves on T ww with loads of balistas. But still our dschingiskhan great friend from ***** managed to reach WWLvl 100 and Yippe we won 2011. second time obviously.

    Love to all of you who know me from this crazy game that I like so much.

    Ins@nity 2.0 (signing off from s8 2011)

    Thanks to Florian boHn and all the Travian administration team for providing us with such a nice game. And all those crazy site developers with so much of providing extra power, kirilloid etc.

    Death smiles at us all but all a man can do is smile back.

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