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Thread: S7 : LOTR style

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    Quote Originally Posted by mobiyou View Post
    What a completely pointless thread. I enjoy trolling and all those fairy tail server analysis. Even get why people would spend time on those. But not this thread..
    This is what happens when you speak out in frustration against Wild's leadership as a member of Wild. You are obliged to come back to the forum and *lick* the wounds you've caused. Or did you miss the OP's borderline nonsensical ranting against his own leadership in another thread?

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    Feelings of guilt manifest for unrelated outburst, feelings of guilt turn to feelings of necessary activity. Necessary activity turns to picking pretty pictures and making a LOTR-style thread whilst poking fun at DnD over cross-fantasy-beast intercourse.
    "I'm sorry, WILD," it says. "But look, you get to be the big eye that's all mighty and powerful."
    Yes, the big Eye. The big eye that.... fails in the end.

    I gave up trying to convince people Christopher Lee was cool many a year ago. But when Peter Jackson says it...
    I just wish Peter O'Toole was in this film doing something truly tremendous. For Faustus, well - and this is not oft admitted - for Faustus is a bit of O'Toole.

    Yes, a pointless waste of time, and life, and also a transparently grovelling apology to some quarters, and curmudgeonly compliment for others, but nice one Odin, the captions were funny and worth it, even if the meticulous sourcing of imagery seemed a little OTT.
    "When you do things right... people won't be sure you've done anything at all"

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    @Silent Stop being an Orcsist :P We're orcs

    Geez Mobi, let your hair down sometimes
    I saw weird stuff in that place last night. Weird, strange, sick, twisted, eerie, godless, evil stuff... and I want in.

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    I am Odin's Staff. I am either in Odin's hands or by his side.


    @ Mobi, Anyone who plays Travian has zero right to claiming that they have a point to doing, well, anything at all
    I get playing games for enjoyment, but this atrocious lagfest that is a naked money grab, is neither enjoyable nor very useful to us. Yet, we do it....

    Had the whole 'Gira as Sauron' concept in my head for a while now. Figured I would write it down and share, if you like it, great! If not, also great!

    @ PF, Stop using such big words, I don't think I entirely understood what you said. Peter O'Toole rocks though

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    Quote Originally Posted by Odinsstaff View Post

    @ PF, Stop using such big words, I don't think I entirely understood what you said. Peter O'Toole rocks though
    He never listens. And when you try to understand really hard your head is starting to hurt badly. I think that is his way of actually punching you in a head from a distance
    There are three main tragedies in a man's world: 1) Life sucks. 2) Job sucks. 3) Wife doesn't.

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