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    When do I have to register on server 5 to get more then 3 days beginner protection, and how many days of beginner protection would I have then ... ?


    p.s: I'm asking that because I'm not rly experienced with that game and need some time to figure out all the stuffs and so, and it would be way better to grow up if other players couldn't attack me for couple more days

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    In my experience, starting even a day after the server starts adds some hours to the 72 hours beginner's protection we get by starting right with the server's start.
    The max is 14 days.
    Ideally, I would recommend new players to start between day three and day 7 so they don't get stuck in the high competition core and still have decent croppers left available when they are ready to settle their future cap.

    There's a formula for finding the exact time if you are interested, here-

    You can calculate the exact time by extracting the root from the running time of the world up to the point when you registered your account.
    Meaning: √(running_time_of_server_when_you_registered) with a minimum of 3 (1 on speed servers) and a maximum of 14 (3 on speed servers).
    Make what you will of that mumbo jumbo and good luck on your new server

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