The alliance TDE is looking for experienced dedicated players to join our alliance... We offer experienced leaders and mature gameplay. We will not accept rude immature behavior towards anyone in the game......we play by the rules no cheats allowed....you are required to join forum and be active daily on the forum....we value communication....you need to keep account active ....you should have at least one sitter from inside the alliance.....players with leadership experience are especially valued as we will have opportunities for assignment to positions....it is expected that players will be loyal and dedicated to this alliance ...the good of the alliance is always your first concern....we have typically been a meta in past servers...this means you must value wings as equal players to main branch and work with them as you would the main branch....all branches will communicate through the forum.....members are expected to be polite to all players, intelligent in their decisions and attacks and obey direct commands from council..(all wings will be represented in council)

The objective is to create a well oiled machine of mutual protection and brotherhood ....a community of friends who will make a mark on this server...if you think you possess these qualities and wish to apply ...or if you have additional questions please contact me

looking forward to hearing from you
King Boroimhe