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Thread: What's next?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 512iva View Post
    PS. and if village name is something "wrong" MH guiline has been to change it.
    I said the same then to the HM at the time and they gave the excuse that WW's are deferent.
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    Quote Originally Posted by slightly buzzed View Post

    So Erin's wrong that no rules were broken. They were. But Erin's right in that the application of game rules is mercurial and uneven.
    The problem with this is that is not what she claimed. If she had said that the application of game rules has sometimes been uneven in the past there would be no argument coming from here.

    As she actually retracted the one comment and clarified the other I have no further issue.


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    Quote Originally Posted by BullyBeastFromEast View Post
    Who are these players in south?
    Even they planned this 3vs1 situation/ merge/ confed, they still don't trust themselves so much that they could even build WW without cheating.
    You have 1 quad against you and you can't play fair even in that situation.
    Bravo! Let's all clap our hands to brilliant boys and girls of south!
    They are some losers, and their arguments are silly and should not excuse the fact that they need to play 3vs1 (even in this case they need to cheat). They try to give arguments that something happened on server 7, to hide the truth about this server. MH, admin, michael jackson even the God is guilty because they are incompetent and don't know how to play a browser game without cheating.

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    Ahhhh sweet cherry and her minions...........
    Banned WW
    Multi accounts

    and lacking of moral fortitude.........
    s4 re incarnated
    Maybe this time they can win?

    Time as with most things will reveal all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Priapus1 View Post
    I was making the point that just because a account it banned doesn’t’ mean that they have broke any rules.
    Rules and regulations,
    force you to play it safe
    Get rid of all the hesitation,
    it’s time for you to seize the day

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