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Thread: Game is back on :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by FMD View Post
    Edited. Apologies, I get fired up when someone tries to portray me as a coward. Especially when said accuser does not publish their ign.
    you are a coward, but you don't have the guts to say it


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    Quote Originally Posted by propaghandi View Post
    nice reports I didnt bother to look at any i'm sure none are very impressive
    This pretty much sums you up. You make a statement you clearly have no clue about. You are then presented with irrefutable evidence to the contrary. You then dont even have the decency to look at said evidence and repeat the same ridiculous statement again and make yourself look the fool again.

    A real winner here.
    I had quit this game prior. Am now back on ruthless account. Hello to all.

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    Need instruction manual please

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    Quote Originally Posted by i_love_travian View Post
    Need instruction manual please
    Igm me and i will send you all the instructions...
    "The Greatest Test of Courage is to face defeat without losing your heart"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baby Jane View Post
    Igm me and i will send you all the instructions...
    That tool is old news - its been around for a while.


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    Quote Originally Posted by The Reader View Post
    Some of these reports were obviously fake. Nobody can catapult buildings with 1 hero! Or send 4 heroes in one attack!
    Nice hits, Dave. Was wondering where you got all those offensive points from. Shame the fight seemed to be a bit.. One way, though. ;]
    :P my hero does. It's a catapult hero. Only available to elite, uber-pro players.
    Don't be a poser, Mongoose. And that is the Final Word.

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    Ok so I opened one reports and impressed I was to see 4 ppl attacking in the report, so I opened another and again not alone, yup real courage to be 3rd or second after a clear I would have opened more but I got a good enough laugh from the first two, very impressive stuff man hitting 4k pop accounts that had been hit by 815 before ruthless decided to show everyone how its done, it takes real skills to hit non gold players who have no def left cause another alliance already killed it all off you are so impressive I don't know how I could have missed hearing about ur mighty 65k hammer (which btw is not even impressive before arties are released let alone a month before release of ww, in s4 I played romans and was able to make a 100k hammer in the month after arty release without even raiding and I do not consider myself even half as good a player as most of the hammer players in wc or da yet u got a head so big it u got to turn sideways to go through a door over what a 65k endgame hammer, im not sure weather to laugh at your sense of greatness or cry at the state of the sw if you are in leadership)

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    Quote Originally Posted by FMD View Post
    Wow, you've just proven you have absolutely no idea. 3 quad zerg attacked colony? Dont recall any NW ops against SE. Sime and Erin both have stated GOATS and SOT never targeted SE apart from 1 op on voodoo and oregamoto. NRG did two ops before I gave up attack planning to roll solo instead. Who do you think croplocks the accounts in the first place? Fool. Colony plus EC were massive in size. They dont just become small for no reason. 90% of the credit for the destruction of colony/EC goes to 815, zipp and myself. Fact is colony was easily beaten and you come here to sook it was 3 quads that did it to you. When in fact it was one wing of 815 and 2 other players rolling solo.

    Oh boy, aren't you going to look silly when you scroll thrrough the reports im going to paste at the bottom of this post. Maybe you dont see the reports because your attacks log is updated every 20 minutes with new reports of your whole alliance being farmed??

    Every server I keep a record of decent hits. This is not a complete list. Ill seperate them into EC/colony, and capitals/feeders. And FYI prop you idiot. These were NOT croplocked accounts before I went there. Last point which should also be obvious, some of these accounts have since bailed from colony/EC or deleted. They were in there when hits landed. There were also follow ups to these, these reports are initial hits only. I hope all the links work.

    EC Capitals. +

    EC feeders.

    COLONY Capitals.

    COLONY Feeders.

    I guess all SW are nothing but simmers......

    One thing I would like to know is since you took the time to edit out your trtoops numbers in many of these reports, how come you did not edit out the names or villages of the players.

    I am pretty sure that you must have their permission in order to post these on a public forum. Maybe the moderator can clarify this for us?

    I must also bring up that the Rebels account was a spy for the SW quad and was being sat by various players from Venom and Toxin. The owner decided he did not feel right about the spying and kicked them as sitters. His account was then attacked by the SW quad for not complying with their demands. Rebels sent me a message detailing all of this after he voluntarily left the Colony for betraying our members.
    REVO...One...SEC...The Colony x 4 rounds

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    Quote Originally Posted by bronx View Post
    Oh my God... man I don't believe I'm writing here again. Been many many months since I was around, but not a single week passed without wondering and thinking how you and El Familia are doing and what happened since.
    It's been a hell of a smoke when I lit it up thinking about what happened since I was gone cause I know it was ugly for you dealing with RL stuff and dealing with leaders all getting busy and off in a short hit.
    You my man have an amazing capability to absorb mental pressure, many years played this game I've seen people morale hit rock bottom and bail, but never you.

    After many months of unknown something inside ticked, I'm home for one more week before I head back to europe and I said I'd take a look and see how this server progressed.
    And Lay and behold I find you haven't left. Guess not enough people can say this is just a game, but only a fool would think personality and character are left outside of it... and you manifest to whom you lead a lot of that. Hell I remember how you used to have the leaders leave council chats all frustrated and enraged, yet you'd have us all lined up the next day working our assery off busting bowls to benefit the team. That's what made me respect you and I guess that's what makes you who you are.

    Heh... experience in the last year have shown me a type of enemies that make me miss the "enemies" one can find in this game. I see you are still dealing with the "oh look there's a party at the forum lets flock there like a sheep and rub our nip*les" enemies... lucky you xD

    I know I owe you man, out of the blue hit and the loss of info and what you had to deal with. I might have a thing in Brooklyn in a few months and it would be cool if you and I had a drink and a smoke while am there.
    This shite is longer than what I expected, you know how I like my words :} ... no worries this is as sensitive as a fuka can get. Anyways I know you tend to not notice you have a PM so I wrote here. Others might have a laugh on my expense but what's important for me is your reply. I will check my inbox in the coming days.

    Forever your bro, forever assery.

    Quote Originally Posted by SkandalDB View Post
    Waging war against DA means Russian roulette is too slow for you

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