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Thread: The End of the Age

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    Caliban, I totally agree. I tried to pressure Yrachmael and cleb- into helping out REDs cause, but, they feared them more.

    But, then again, as David/Froggy said:

    "It still wouldn't have mattered- we're awesome"

    Maybe the server would have been more interesting if we did intervene, but alas, it doesn't matter now.
    Quote Originally Posted by Caliban View Post
    Maca, stop embarrassing yourself.

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    Goodbye to you all, was fun playing with you.
    See you on another com server in the future

    We would like to thank the WW teams, Wild & Swat, for putting in so much time and effort, to make this game more interesting for us all. So thank you.
    And offcause all the Wildings for making this such a fun server to play. You are all fantastic.

    /SpearsDK & NesquikDK

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    Default Its Over..

    hehe.. like nobody knows that duh

    I could have said this on the wild chat room, but then again wouldn't really get to thank the rest of you sooo.. here goes nothing..

    This wasn't such an awesome server in terms of competition (or was it?.. no no, it wasn't), but I made friends both in WILD and non-wilds.. It was a pleasure to get to know you all.. Hope we meet again on future servers.. Ofc I'll always be wild, sooo I'll like see the rest of you wild peeps next server too.. and as for the non-wilds, twas a pleasure playing with you all, and hope your next server has a better ending.. As for us, I hope we find some real back breaking, skull smashing, nose bleeding competition next round

    Adios amigos!

    Dedicated to s7 :

    /curtseys.. turns around and skips away happily to get a life!

    Ed: Sorry for posting on a separate thread.. kind of missed this one.. *ehem*
    I saw weird stuff in that place last night. Weird, strange, sick, twisted, eerie, godless, evil stuff... and I want in.

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