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Thread: Predictions about server politics.

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    Default Predictions about server politics.

    So, while at work today we weren't busy and I was flippin' patties all alone and bored I began thinking about this server, which completely dumbfounded me. Maybe it's because the nice variety of forum personalities, maybe it is because I am a loser. Either way, I got to thinking about some predictions I made back in the day about how this server would end, and how certain events would play out. Anyone got any successful guess? Any failed assumptions? This topic could have some nice stories.

    The one that came to my main was when we (SWAT) were hunting for NOLBY's hammer size I personally was thinking that we were going to go to war with them.[Since Yrachmael and the rest of SWAT hated IP, and we wouldn't get involved in any other conflict] In my mind, I saw us as the eventual winners, at what cost I do not know. At that time, I thought we were able to kick butt, but I guess I was to young to niave... Ahh to be young again

    Anyways, I remember talking and chit chatting (I rarely shut up). I was thinking at that time it would be bad politically because that would leave a power vacuum in the SE which would result in some sort of entity forming in its wake, something which would be less controllable than IP. Turns out, I was only half correct. SWAT didn't destroy IP, but something more serious did come out when the quadrant was able to grow in "peace".

    WILD destroying IP eventually led to LORDS gaining significant prominence and (in all honesty) being WILDs only semi-successful competition for the WW. I mean, hell, LORDS wore the SWAT tag but contributed more to the WW effort than SWAT-founders!

    I had many other such predictions, ones that were correct like WILD dismantling RED and others that were wrong such as rogue alliances/players playing a large role in the endgame in SWATs favor. Anyone else?
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    already a few months in, I was quite convinced about the outcome of the server and it did turn out as I expected.

    I was at some point slightly considering if RED and BLACK would be able to do enough damage, and SWAT able to get their act a bit together before the endgame, but seeing how RED and BLACK got steam rolled, I was convinced it was going to be a Wild win seeing the disorganisation in SWAT later on just further proved my expectations

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