Are you looking for an alliance on ts9?

Welcome to the REDEYES!

We have some wise old tigers and some new guns.
We are here to have some fun .....
Contact Dave, in game, to become one.

We are seeking the following:

- A population of at least 85 or be very close to 85 (exceptions will be made for those with a high troop count)

- Are not a farm to anyone and you know how to look after your troops and resources.

- Are bringing in a good income from farming or are prepared to start farming your neighbors to aid growth.

- Are active every day at a few different times. We only except blue and green dots in this alliance. Yellows will be given a chance to come back if they have been good members, reds are gone and farmed instantly.

If you are happy and agree with these basic rules and requirements then we would love to hear from you. Please send an application to THE HALO or Classic Lemon.

Please note as the server progresses the above will change.