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Thread: GR attack on MRA-N Wing leader's capital

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    Cool GR attack on MRA-N Wing leader's capital

    http://travian-,1661319fcb2,166132093ee,166132157fc,16 61323555c,16613252574,16613265c67

    If the above url doesn't open try this: http://j .mp/Hw4AKB

    Plan details:
    We put in a complete miss direction operation called "Operation Chiefing"

    This plan was to purposely make MRA think we were chiefing Faithful's hammer.
    With this plan had a lot of things going on that frankly was above their understanding of how the game works and how we play.

    3 of us sent to faiths hammy village, and many others, and we sent a "take one for the team wave" which allowed them to see a chief in their rally point being sent to his death.

    MRA fell for it hook line and sinker including MRA leaders saying that come today our hammys would be dead. And MRA leadership got cocky and arrogant with their messages.

    So we had our guys send emergency fakes to play along in this plan. Which made the illusion look like it was 100% real.

    Keep in mind MRA mindlessly followed their leaders, and because off everyone's hard work MRA leaders now have pie in their face!

    We have multiple MRA incoming's on many of our team mates now.... Let's see what their attacks bring ....

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    very hard work indeed!

    but completely paid off

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    Quote Originally Posted by holger77 View Post
    As always, the French surrendered very early
    Quote Originally Posted by Alving View Post
    Wonder if the russians will be as easily run over as the french.
    I had fate in you Russians, but you surrendered even earlier than the French

    Go Girl Raiders !

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