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Thread: looking for an alliance

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    Default looking for an alliance

    Been playing just short of 2 days.

    I am looking for an alliance that will teach the finer points of playing the game.

    In NE part of the map.

    Got a Pop of 62.

    Very active will check on game during the day hourly at least.

    Played simlar games in the past and once i understand the game, tend to well because I tend been on the game alot.


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    Look at x*x, they take everyone O.o

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    you just proved that right

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    Quote Originally Posted by 018Cracken View Post
    Look at x*x, they take everyone O.o
    Ironically you're in it
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    Default looking for an all

    I played this game for a long time then quit playing a couple of years ago because I just didnt have the time anymore. I just logged back in this morning and am looking for a new alliance and a new home. Im going to give the game another shot and see if I have the time it requires to devote to it.
    Im looking for a mostly drama-free alliance with good people who would be willing to help me get going again. I wasnt even back for 5 hours before someone came and took everything I had started to build up.
    Feel free to message me in the game as I am not in the forum too much. Screen name is o0o_MaMa_o0o The middle ones are zeroes and not big os.

    Thanks so much,

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