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Thread: DOTS vs HUN - DK vs VL

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    Default DOTS vs HUN - DK vs VL

    It seems that the server is starting to heat up,

    DK lost again today against the fyb2000's account. A few mini hammers were sent his way, but a problem coordinating the timing of the attacks resulted into a complete defeat.

    As far as we can tell, the intention was to land 3 hammers first, followed by StoltViking's one to clean up the place, but the calculation went wrong, and Stolviking landed first.
    The defense organized at FYB was well thought of and there was no chance for those hammers to return succesfully,
    At the end of the day, DK lost their mini hammers and a few officer troops, and fyb2000 just added 87,347 points in his defensive tally

    as so fare the DK - VL story ,


    -As for the dots vs HUN attacks , can i say ,

    Dots couldn't wait to start a war, and they started a few attacks on the HUNs yesterday

    When everything was said and done, Infamous (dots) had killed 2 capital villages. While doing so, a few mistakes were made and a lot of catas were lost after sending a 8 waves attack with a 2 seconds gap between the 4th and the 5th wave.

    Such a gap is always almost a suicide mission, at least for the last 4 waves, as any defender with access to a few fast troops and enough time on hand will insert for the kill.

    Later on, the HUNs went on to retaliate, and the result is already quite impressive with still some troops on the road ,
    20 villages were lost, mostly croppers, TS and a few defensive troops.

    At this time, I do believe that we just saw the beginning of a bloody fight. I do not know where it will go and who will have the upper hand, but if we just take into account the current victories/losses tally, it sure looks like Infamous has their work cut out for them... be continued,

    Horum omnium fortissimi sunt Belgae."

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    This is going to be an insane war! Where's my popcorn?
    Wish we could see some br's.


    2 of 3

    The first Loners

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yme View Post
    This is going to be an insane war! Where's my popcorn?
    Wish we could see some br's.


    Yes, indeed , DK-E and VL-SE are very good alliances.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tunex View Post
    20 villages were lost
    This sounds a bit dramatic. Cropfields in those villages were lost, not the entire village
    Also, damage is being fixed as I type this...
    You also might want to add over 1k lost catapults and 2 damaged hammers to the other side...

    Quote Originally Posted by tunex View Post
    I do believe that we just saw the beginning of a bloody fight [...] it sure looks like Infamous has their work cut out for them...
    This, on the other hand, is completely true.
    The Hungarians hit hard, and they hit well. Kudos for that!
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    Yep gonna be a bloody war this. Both sides seem to be offensively minded. This will be a slugfest rather than a boxing match. Who can tear the other to pieces the fastest lol

    P.S. worth mentioning Dots managed to steal 10x Eagle Arti from defence was encountered.
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    I would say that the war is fairly even right now, if possibly just a little in HUN's favor. So far, HUN has hit more caps, and has completely killed one middling army (Ninjaplatypi) and one larger anvil for a relatively low cost. Infamous has hit fewer but larger caps, and has stolen 2 artifacts (unique eyes and large diet). In terms of resources lost in infrastructure, I'd say that both sides are about even, since HUN lost some really expensive fields, while Infamous lost more lower level fields. In terms of troops lost, HUN should be ahead, although the Infamous hits evened that out as well. I hope this war stays as exciting as it's been so far Keep up the good work, Infamous and HUN!

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    Please post BR's if possible

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    Having seen a few reports (thanks for letting me be nosy everyone!) there are some telling differences.

    HUN has lots of foot, some horse, and a terrible lack of cats.
    Infamous 'has a thing' for rocks -

    HUN's goals seem to be to knock fields & TS off mid-level players. Purpose unknown.
    Infamous has a thing for artefacts - got at least two this time - put some major locks on one key player

    HUN reacted to fakes > sent reals asap
    Infamous had a 3-day battleplan.

    So... while it looks like HUN gave as good as it got, in terms of loads of reports with 10 fields missing, & no doubt there's celebration back home, BUT without some meaning to the attacks that land, it's not worth much.

    Eagles - Diet: Calling it Infamous win. Rock beats sissors. Brain beats HUN.

    Looking forward to the next round!!

    (hands out popcorn to all)

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    Default "Brain beats HUN."

    Brain usually wins this game. But let's come back on this sentence in some time.

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    We (the dots) also took the architects slight secret from HUN today. They were nice enough to leave it undefended for me to pick up!

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