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Thread: South East Alliances - The Conclave of Shadows

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    Default South East Alliances - The Conclave of Shadows

    Hi Everyone,

    A new Alliance has been formed in the South East, The Conclave of Shadows.

    We are new to Server 1 and are looking to win, but most importantly would rather have fun playing Travvian. We are currently recruiting (however this may change as the game progresses). If you would like to join have a look at our profile and drop the Recruiter/Alliane Founder a message.

    Alliance Name: Conclave of Shadows
    Clan Tag: CoS

    We are looking for supportive players who want to be part of a team, you must be active and want to win. At the moment, there is not much more to say...

    Drop us a message or visit our Forum if ytou are interested.

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    I am new in Travian but a fan of Strategic game.
    I am playing Travian everyday and make my progress more.

    I want to join your Alliance team but as a new member I really have no idea how to find your profile.

    Please help me to join your team.

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