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Thread: URGENT mail !!! LOOK out plz to all players

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    Default URGENT mail !!! LOOK out plz to all players

    this player send next mail around , i have send the link to the real MH , but to all who see this informe friends and others , that this mail is fake !!

    Mutihunter wrote:


    We think that you are breaking the rule:

    1 Password, Registration & ownership
    Each player may only own and play one account per server.

    Please give me your password to check if we are right!!!
    Than you can change the password!!


    Travian Team ::.

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    People who fall for this deserve to have their accounts stolen for 1 min. Problems? Password recovery GG


    Hello players.

    About 1 hour ago (at 21:01 server time, 10.8.2012), a player registered to the game with account name 'Mutihunter' (without the letter 'l'), and that account has since been sending in-game messages asking for passwords of accounts, impersonating Travian official Multihunter (with letter 'l').

    It is imperative that you DO NOT reply to such message with your password!

    Travian Team will never ever ask you for your password, there is absolutely NO way such question would be legit, no matter what explanation is given.

    I blocked the account from access so the phisher cannot send requests or read the passwords anymore that were sent there earlier. However, before getting blocked, the phisher was able to send 160 requests and got at least 40 replies.

    If you replied to the phisher and told your password, change your password immediately! In case your password no longer works, use the forgotten password utility to get a new one to your email address. Remember to activate the new password by clicking activation link in the email.

    With regards,


    COM Administrator

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