The North-Eastern Alliance is an organised community of players from within the game and ex-members who have been with us on previous campaigns. We work together to organize and build a successful alliance.

What do we offer?

1.We offer use of our sophisticated external forums, all Travian players can register but N-EA members are granted access to a further extent of the website where military movements are planned and democracy is upheld.

2.We plan out every move the N-EA makes, diplomacy, defensive and offensive operations, politics and more. This planning is extensive ensuring every step is co-ordinated and effective.

3.We make sure no member is in the dark with what is going on, we send out mass messages which include updates and changes to the alliance, or the agenda, making sure everyone plays a part.

4.We are friendly and offer a chance to meet new people or friends, working together for the good of the alliance.

5.After every end game members from the previous campaign are contacted once the server starts again, to keep loyal, long lasting members within the N-EA. This promotes organisation, loyalty, communication and understanding of one another.

What we ask of you?

1.We ask that you are regularly active on the Travian game, to ensure the biggest growth.

2.We have a minimum requirement of 200 Population

3.We have a minimum requirement of 100 troops, this will increase soon.

4.We recruit from the North-East only.

5.You must use the Skype instant messaging service, this is how our alliance members communicate.

6.Basic knowledge of the game, however new players are accepted to be mentored.

7.Have a basic knowledge of the English language, to ensure you can understand and communicate among members.

You can visit our website at

You can contact us on Skype,
Skype name:
Skype Nickname: N-EA 2012

I hope to hear from many promising candidates.

N-EA Founder