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    Default Nice job

    Good stuff admins, you successfully killed the comx forums, hats off to you! you ran the few people that did post out of here, and deleted one of the top posters accounts for talking about rams.

    There should be forum medals, like ingame ones, you guys would get it!
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    Tis true, I wouldn't mess with The Tim. You're pretty much asking for a lightening bolt where the sun don't shine! BOW TO THE TIM. BOW! DO IT! DO IT NOW!

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    In case a user requests forum account deletion - it will be done, because it cannot be done by the user himself/herself. We do not ask reasons why user wants that. And no, I will not tell their reasons to the public either.

    So: please do not jump to false conclusions or spread false information.
    You've got a question? You can find the answer here: T2.5/T3 Answers / T4 Answers / New User Moderation

    Moderators work on a voluntary basis and are therefore not available 24 hours a day.

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