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Thread: Tournament information

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    Default Cease-fire

    A Christmas Cease-fire should really be put in place so those who have family and celebrate Xmas can enjoy it. The same should go for New year but for once the times should be set to UK as most of this Server seems to have been aimed around +5 UTC.

    Unfortunately I fear that the game may not head in this direction which in my opinion will put off many from playing this in future times, the problems with the start of the server may have done this already plus un-even amount of players from equal parts of the servers has also turned many from Travian.

    So far the Finals have been ok, the usual amount of serious tactics and lack of sleep have kept me playing but of all the servers I have played since 2004 this has been the one which will leave me needing a break and maybe even finding a new game to take my time. I have enjoyed reading the Russian forums and there brash way of thinking towards strategy, I have also enjoyed watching the crack appear in what was described as an iron curtain.

    A puzzle has been why the Com Forums seems so bare from chat, is this because you can get banned from here for passing wind, is it because the Com players do not want to be foolish and reveal traits through slight faults in conversation or is it because they have lost all faith in a game that now feels bia's with Multi-accounts which stand out like a sore thumb, lack of answers to this forum while others are replied to daily and worst of all promise of prizes of which have never been told or reported of.

    On com servers you can see the best skill that Travian can see. Might just be that cash they are willing to spend is lower hence why the table is only facing one direction. reminds me of the eurovision contest . Where about was this game created and mainly moderated from again?

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    Do you know the server will go down tomorrow at 12 for Maintenance work? It Will Take at Least 2H.

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    Not long to go before Hammers start to walk, it will be fun to see. I think daily checking the Tourney info page for the latest best battle reports will be a must.
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