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Thread: Safiren's Corner

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    I think you forget one thing when you talk about how the sheer amount of russians make them too strong. It also implies why the russians think they have to bad competition from the other allys on the server.

    On this server it was ment to be over 30K players from beginning. 2K from each qualification server x 17. Even if you have to count on loosing players due to the long downtime – or you always lose players, no matter what – but the wildcards should have made up for that.

    Instead we started the server with 15K accounts, half of the expected participants. Russians managed to engage 3K players, 2K from their own server and 1K from Int1 (more facts involved *but in rough numbers). The Turkeys and Irans was second with 50%. The rest of the nations 25-30% if lucky.

    If it had been an even amount of players from each qualification this server haven't been so unequal. I guess, from what I've seen, that the Final lost around 60 % of the players and that the wildcards stands for about a third – with Russia as an outstanding exception. But TG will never tell us the truth in this case.

    If TG don't manage to attract the players in an amount enough to keep the Tournament at an fair level is it then any meaning to continue with this?

    Over to the russian *question why the rest of the server didn't unit to stop them from dominating the Grey Zone.

    You shouldn't be so surprised over this my dear russians. You have strongly pointed out that this is for you a national matter, Whatever happens you fight for Russia and only Russia.

    Why do you belive that the remaining 16 servers will think in a different way? Some have founded confedrations from the beginning. The causes have mostly been neightboor countries or a common language, but for the big part they have had their own agenda about what they want to accomplish.

    To establish such a contact between players from so many countries that they can decide how to work together and get it in function take its time.

    And the most important thing, it also have to be leaders that are willing to see the greater picture than the success for their own country.

    And best of all had of course been if the “antirussian” have realized this already before serverstart or the earliest weeks,

    At least some of the “antirussian” metas have now begin to cooperate for endgame, better late than never.
    laa laaa la la la laaaaa (I needed to type something).

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    I have to wonder if this fail of a final will spur Travian to fix their game...

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    Quote Originally Posted by hound dog View Post
    I have to wonder if this fail of a final will spur Travian to fix their game...
    To fix non-russian leaders? or game-knowledge of non-ru players? or there online?

    if we are playing 3.000 people against 12.000 and we are wining - it's your fault.. not TG ))

    if 15.000 your players didn't wanned to play here - it's your fault, not TG fault

    Why you have so big EGO, that you can't say real problem.

    -no attack coordinator
    -you didn't study your players that team goal is main goal
    -your EGO so big that you didn't made working coalition

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    I have to wonder if this fail of a final will spur Travian to fix their game...
    Would be nice...
    I'm sad to say one of my members has the time to put reinforcements in Russian accounts just to see Russians raid them...
    No wonder they've got such nice medals.
    I swear girls can be so ungrateful sometimes. I made her breakfast in bed, and instead of saying "thank you", she's all like... "how did you get in my house?"

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    Default Hellou.

    Few think that i thought about this server and especially INT_ players.

    You should do better work to fight against russians in early server. They have 14 World Wonders against your 1, dont you understand what that means?

    They do much better work with artefacts and they use them better.

    Why you think that in wilderness you can live in peace with everybody?

    One Example:
    We dont want to play sims and try to be friend with germans, spanish, french or any other players. We play our own game, just for having fun with friends and you can be our friends if you do something, not only sims. Good reports where enemies troops be destroyed is our fun. Good cryin´ messages are really fun.

    Does INT_ allies have any leaders, and if they have, what they have done all this server? Our ally doesnt have any msg from any big leaders? (maybe from germans, but that because we destroyed few of them players really fast).

    Now we some messages from players that we destroyed, and those players say we have to help they alliance against russians. For what? So you need more people to fix your mistakes? ...

    We dont like russians, but have to say, they play much better than your meta.

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    Every alien reinforcement should be killed. It's logical.

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    An Interview from Saf
    One of the few who are keeping the Finals fun

    An interview with emory from INT_IA

    1. It’s not so usual to see another than a Russian on Top10 attacker. Can you tell us what you have been doing?

    Well, in the very beginning we started this round for playing on Off Points and helping our Meta as good as possible. After catching one of our small number of artefacts, we were on a quite good way, but we are sad, that it seemed it wasn't possible to combine our personal goals and the goals of the Meta in this part of the game in the same way...

    2. What do you think of this server? It’s unbalanced, do you have an opinion about why so many from the qualification servers didn’t register for the Final?

    The server is unbalanced because the Russians are simply the best organised team in this round. From the beginning, even long before server start they worked on the structures that will lead them to the WW100 in the next time. And even if they raid own russian accounts and such things, it's all within the rules and every Nation has the chance to play it the same way. So I just can't stand such whiners anymore that complain about how unfair it is...We admire the Russians for their organisation and discipline.

    3. The Russians is disappointed over the weak resistence. It looks as they are the only ones taking this serious. What was your goal for this server?

    We explained our goals in point one, but if you start a WM server, the goal has to be to build WW100 after all. I think too much of our players don't have this goal and play for their own fun and not for the common cause. And that's the main point that differs Russian players from the rest of the world.

    4. Do you think there is any possibility to give the Russians a match in the endgame?

    Well, it could be possible but really really difficult. If all the other Nations play against Russia there should be a chance, but I think that we will need one of the architekts great sectrets to have a little chance after all. And we have to start playing as a team! Not every Nation itself, we have to do it together!
    But I have to admit, that I would not bet against Russia.

    5. Tell us something about yourself. Male or female? How many are you ? Age? Do you work or study? How long have you been playing travian? What do you do when you're not playing travian? What do you think of the future of Travian. Which changes should you want to see?

    We are 2 male players in the account and at times some other helpers male and female.We play since 7 jears now I think, with some bigger breaks We are students and I work as well and study beside work. Both are 21 years and like watching films in cinema, partying and as well I like to breed high quality Brown-Swiss showcattle
    I hate those tablets of law and the artworks! If I had a wish I would ban them from the game. We played Travian very long and played many different realeases but those two things in T4 makes it possible for worse players to buy good ranks and thats not ok for me. It should be a competition with same requirements for all...

    6. Thanks for the interview. Do you want to add something?

    Thanks for your interest in us too, it was a great pleasure. I wish all the players a happy new Year and hopefully a nice endgame!
    Bulls Eye

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    Happy reading!

    An interview with gvimdiff.

    1. You’ve got a lot of deffpoints before the truce. Can you tell us what happened and maybe share some reports with us?

    You read russian forum so you can see this topic by Krios and if it's interesting i can translate this for com-forum

    2.You have the worst WW greediness I've ever seen - 6 WWs! At least so early. You also have both unique architect and unique diet. Why? You can't use both or have you discovered a bug? =)

    (btw, I think you shall give me one WW to play with, you don't need all those ^^)

    6 WW isn't fine. We planned to stole all WW on 1 acount. But we have some misunderstanding with part of ru. So i'm sure that we will see all WW in USSR+RU. May be 2-3 accounts.
    Yes, we also have both unique architect and unique diet. And no bugs) We are sure that we need to keep 2 most important arty in our team. And the best way to keep it on 1 account. =)

    3. What do you think about this server? How can it be that the Russians seems to be the only ones taking this serious?

    Usual server. We are disappointed that none of our competitors could not offer anything new in this game and regret that the Italian team could not take part in the tournament and that the great teams from .com such as CWL, PFF, etc still ignore Tournament. But i think that it will be great school for all in travian and we can see results on ordinary national/com servers.

    4. Do you think anyone have a chance to challenge you in endgame?

    No and never.
    We just most organised and the most skilled team in travian now. No NAP, No Ally, Against all. That is Total Travian, our way in this game. May be later any other team will be as us, but i hope we can pass on the knowledge, experience and skills to the next generation of RU-team.

    5. Tell us something about yourself. Male or female? How many are you ? Age? Do you work or study? How long have you been playing travian? What do you do when you're not playing travian? What do you think of the future of Travian. Which changes should you want to see?

    Five players. 2 girls and 3 men. Age 21-34. All was top players on different servers in national zone or on .com.
    How long have you been playing travian? Mwahaha. From T1.
    But not really matter who is playing here.

    6.Thanks for the interview. Do you want to add something?

    We chose such a strange name for this account in the first place because it is a symbol for us. As Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. It is a tribute to all ru-players who spend time and energy for the common victory.

    Happy New Year.

    Best regards, doctor

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    Fufus from the International WW

    1. Can you tell us something about your alliance? Where do you come from? From which qualification server? Have you played the tournament later back?

    Answer: As you can see on my profil, I’m from France and finish first at the qualification. I don’t have been on the tournement later back.

    [B]2.Male or female? How many are you ? Age? Do you work or study? How long have you been playing travian? What do you do when you're not playing travian? What do you think of the future of Travian. Which changes should you want to see?

    Answer: Male, I’m alone right now, but some time another player come on the account when I sleep. 26 years old, I work, I have been on travian since 5 years (5 servers) where I finish as first off players all my servers. No idea, maybe a new tribe, that make it more attractive

    3. You managed to take and keep a WW this time. Can you tell us about it?

    Answer: Simply I’ts just question of motivation, And accord times to organise and speak with people. I got a village from an arab next to a WW so the hero made a fast visit there and filled up the loyalty with tablets. In 2 hours we had a lot of defence there. It was an attempt from the Russians to clean the WW but they walled .

    4. You have gathered a lot of allys from other quads to stand behind you in this adventure. Not all is with you yet, I miss the Poles and Turks for example and you have not a single ally from NE?

    Answer: They playing with us as well. Some ally from NE send me message to join us, I need just to talk with them at skype for official chat.

    [B]5. Can you tell us about your plans for endgame? And what do you think about the Russians and all their WWs ?

    Answer: I suppose have arte and lot of def can give a little chance to counter the russian, travian reserve surprise, we can say yet who can win, but russian are more organized than us, that is the truth.

    Interview with selomaniac from PP

    Me: It’s not so usual to see another than a Russian on Top10 attacker. Can you be so kind and tell us something about yourself and your opinion about the server?





    Ofcourse I want to answer your questions as u are a close friend of our alliance but forgive me for my poor english...

    First of all my name is Ersin and I play this game with my dual Nufayla. I'm from Turkey and she is from Thailand. I work as second lieutenant at Turksih Army , so mostly Nufayla is online at my work times and I help her by checking account via cellphone. I have played travian for 3 years and so has she.. and this is our first final experience.

    So many qualifiers dont play because the time was very long after servers had finished. All countries had to wait for Brasil and Iran, so bored players started to play at other servers. I think the main reason is the long waiting time.

    Yeah russians are really strong at this server. Big coalitions should have to be done for that. I think Fufus has done it but one WW wont be enough for success... and as far as I can see Turks are not at that coalition. I think mer-and, electra and some other accounts should also join that coalition with their alliances too.

    But in my opinion even if all accounts make a coalition against russians, they will again succeed about WW, because just russians has taken this game serious. Travian is a good game but needs some easy application too, for example changing farmlists for villages should be more easy. It takes so much time, a farm should be easily added to other hammer village's farmlist.

    And thats all my friend... As I said at the beginning forgive my poor english... Thanks.

    10 characters blah blah

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    The only way this WW will win the end game is with def, People talk about having the biggest hammer etc but really the game can only be won by the players who play defensive. I know it my not sound the most fun game but if a meta full of deffers takes a WW then their is no chance of beating them if they res push and give all their troops.
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