Anyone out there willing to take in a player revisiting this game? I'm in the SW region, (-,-) and still in beginner's protection. But a newbie I'm not. At least I think I'm not one.

I used to play a lot 3 years ago, playing in 5 different servers simultaneously at one point... and was also handling multiple villages in at least 3 servers at the time.

I was sitting for other players as well in all servers i played in.

But I think that my most appealing quality is that I've been active in all serves I played in, reaching end game in at least 3 servers.

But that was on this game's heydays. This game looks different graphically, and I think the hero mechanic is a bit different now.

If there is any alliances out there willing to welcome this old dog, and teach it new tricks, I assure you I am a good understudy.