After a few Months of Alliances jostling for position and testing each other to see who is made of what we have 1 month until the fun starts. I've played Travian for over 7 years now and each Server you pick up new things to check on and look into and there is not that much left for me to find out. I have played with some of the best Alliances that have graced Travian and some of the worst, I have ran 10 wing+ Meta's and now enjoy nothing more than sitting back having a relaxing fun game and watching those who need to fight each other to feel better about themselves. The Finals are about to reveal some secrets as I have experience with players from multiple alliances who are going head to head. The Russian players have an over confidence which will be tested by the time their WW is closer to the Magical 98 but I am waiting to enjoy the fireworks.

One thing is for sure, Some sleeping giants are about to be awakened and the confidence of those who believe they have what it takes will be crushed

Fun times ahead