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Thread: Alliance analysis #1

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    I agree with all you have said Daetsnirg. Numbers and rankings are just discreet data points and a snapshot of a moment in time. They don't prove a thing. I think the last 3 pages of posts in this thread arose entirely out of comments bourne on an over emphasis on their value, taken only hours after the New Years truce.

    Having said that, I hope for the sake of your organization, that you will be their voice in the forums. But I equally hope, for the amusement and sometimes bewilderment of all the rest of us reading, that Gruffy will continue to be the voice of your organization

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    Thank you for what you said. In terms for speaking for the meta on these forums, there is not one specific person who has that role.

    Gruffyn has a lot of passion for his meta, as I hope any leader would, so sometimes this does not come across as best as it could. Having said this, he is a very experienced player and an experienced leader and I am happy to be in Deity with him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vito_corleone View Post
    Math 101 class for Ashton/Gruffyn

    I've tried telling you earlier, you should shake off the dead weights. You didn't pay any attention. My dual doesn't want to stir things up, that's the reason why i've been gently trying to make my point in here. And you went on and took a bunch of GOD farms along with us. What a noob simming attitude!
    Evidently, you are not considering the fact that not all GOD wings and not all Titan wings went into the merger. We did cut dead weight. Alliances not included in the merger: Titans-E, +GODS+, Revolt-B, GODS-VX and quickly dumped GODS-H

    Also, for instance, Deity-A had at one point risen to 58 or 59 players. We then began aggressively pruning dead-wood. We dropped our numbers down to 44. Since that time, we've slowly added back quality players. During a recent 3 day period of time, I had well over 100 igm's in my in-box and I sat-checked more players than I care to remember... some of them were absolute garbage, some held promise, others made the cut and we are now back to almost full. There are still plenty of farms in the NE.

    Also, as to your math. I consider your averages and such irrelevent. Whether while we grew, when I cut players, and now growing again - Deity_ArEs has been in the top 10 Robbers every week since week 3 of the server. Deity-T has been in the top 10 Robbers every week of the server. Deity-X has been the top 10 Robbers three out of the past four weeks this past month. This week Deity has three wings in the top 10 robbers, Pantheon has one wing in the top 10 robbers, Pirates has two wings in the top 10 robbers, and IM has the remaining four. Deity is doing just fine.
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    Ah, there is an ArEs wing again?

    DP Queen @ S2 / Juggernaut @ S8 / Vercingetorix @ S5

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    I smell war in the NE and that makes me thrill

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    It won't last long , Felix. Need to get rid of some rotten *****s, after that we can focus on our main cause again.

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    Few days? Or a few weeks maybe? Well my guess is that the war will last a month or so.

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