Seeking an alliance right now in the East, either Southeast or Northeast. I started my account a bit late (Dec. 08, 4 pm), so I'm making up some ground and my account is on the far outer fringe right now (right along the far border between the southeast and northeast quadrants). I'll update this as necessary as my account grows more.


700+ population, top 600 rank
3 villages (includes 15c)
top 600 rank attacker
level 10 hero

About Me

I haven't been in any server alliances yet. I like to grow first before I look to join any alliances. I've been on Travian for years and am a VERY experienced player who knows advanced tactics inside and out. Not buying gold this round and playing casually with no duals. In all my years on Travian I've never engaged in espionage on any alliance, I dislike it and wish it wasn't part of the game. As a former alliance leader I despise it and have no respect for those who use it.

I'm something of a friendly player. I raid hundreds of thousands of resources each week, but mainly from inactives and oases. I nonetheless pride myself on turning would-be raiders into farms each server, and have already done so this server to one aggressive Teuton who was a top 500 attacker. I coexist pretty peacefully with other players in my region unless they show themselves hostile in which case I eliminate them of course, or unless they let their resources overflow in which case I take them.

What I'm Looking For

I am less concerned with finding a big alliance than finding a good one, though preferably both. I believe firmly in honesty. Specifically, I am looking for an alliance that is:

-HONEST. I want nothing to do with alliances who spy other alliances or use dishonesty or cheating to win.

-Fair. I don't necessarily mind the concept of farming players who don't protect their resources, but don't treat them like trash (courtesy), and I don't like seeing multiple big players team up to crush smaller ones to farm players for no reason. If you're going to farm them, have the guts to go one on one if you're bigger.

-Reasonable. Am I active? Sure. Am I 24/7? Pretty close some days, but no. I did not bother getting a Dual although I do have a sitter, because I am playing more relaxed. If an alliance wants to provide a sitter, great, but while I expect to end up pretty high up in the rankings, I am playing more for fun.

-Communicative. An alliance's success depends largely upon good communication. English is my first and ONLY language. I expect to be in an alliance that communicates well with members using English. I'm not going to be able to perform at my best if I don't understand what's going on because of language barriers or lack of communication.

I am generally looking for a 'good guy' alliance I can believe in and work with friends towards a common goal.


Message me for in-game ID (though you can probably guess) or troop information (mostly going defensive in preparation for alliance aid but I will be maintaining a respectable offensive force as well).