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    Default Battle Reports

    Dear Users,

    please post only x8 battle reports here, sticking to the rules which means:
    4 Netiquette
    Displaying coordinates, village names, player names or any other (unique) identifier connected to posting battle reports unless both participants allowed it.
    Here you find the explanation how to share your battle reports with other players from the same server without the need to use an external battle report tool.
    Please note that all posts using an external battle report tool will be deleted without further notice as these tools do not follow the fan page policy.

    Everybody posting Spam (posts without battle reports) here will be infracted with one point per post. Please use the discussion thread for discussion of your battle reports.
    You've got a question? You can find the answer here: T2.5/T3 Answers / T4 Answers / New User Moderation

    Moderators work on a voluntary basis and are therefore not available 24 hours a day.

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    My Reports:

    -Catapulting the NE - T leader:|01d8aa1f&t=

    -0 popping Mutiny players:|9128f333&t=4|d16b1f62&t=4

    -Catapulting NE & TR player:|90d5e712&t=4

    -Catapulting NE & HZZ player:|d47b6c98&t=4

    -Cata waves on Mutiny players:|e6861a09&t=4|6fc80865&t=4|49a79da4&t=4|ba5f0baa&t=4|a9d8d17b&t=4|db07f150&t=4|5a8ddb78&t=4|18ea6e51&t=|91c82a38&t=|6720a73e&t=|ea7bf997&t=|17cc6a22&t=|00df226f&t=|49c866a3&t=|17f405fd&t=|353928c2&t=

    -Mutiny player loses his catas:|ea32b657&t=4|04f4f22f&t=4|7a599d19&t=4|949f335f&t=4|557f1f19&t=4

    -Mutiny player loses a hammer:|70765d4b&t=4

    -Chiefing the FF leader right before the alliance dissolved and members joined Mutiny:|4509ad13

    -0 Popping FF player:|bce27e3d&t=4

    -Catapulting NE-Kef@@ player:|83d2389a&t=4

    RFF Alliance Reports

    -Mutiny's attack on RFF leader to break the NAP:

    NOTE - I have sought to meticulously abide by the Netiquette rules here in keeping opponents anonymous, if any mistake has been made let me know and I would be happy to correct it immediately.

    I have many more reports still to include including of course many more cata waves as I find time.

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    Yawn. Are we really posting reports of every cata attack we've sent, and every hammer we've splatted? Unless I've counted wrong, I've 0'd at least 5 RFF villages, as well as hit a few caps. I'm pretty sure the number of RFF & affiliates hammers splatted on us is now close to 10. Funny how you never posted the numerous times your hammer went splat. If you really want to start posting hammer splats I'd be glad to start saving them. Not too sure you really want to have your alliance embarassed like that though.
    2. Mutiny 34 89765 3052000
    3. RFF 54 51941 2804834
    Forget average points/player. You have 20 more members and we're still beating you (despite the fact that RFF hammers have splatted approx. 10x more than Mutiny hammers). We won't even address the fact that many of your points came from NE, almost all of ours have came from RFF. I don't feel like taking the time to run the numbers, but my hunch is that RFF took more artefacts than Mutiny, meaning more of your points came from Natars.

    1. Mutiny 34 47205 1604981
    2. RFF 54 23544 1271393
    Lulz. Mutiny leads the server by around 400k def. points. At least 80% of these came from RFF hammers. Let's not forget the ~1mil+ Mutiny D had when you all foolheartedly smashed hammer after hammer on Derp. And once again, these numbers are skewed due to the fact that you have undoubtedly killed a few NE hammers with defense.

    Now by right, we should be comparing Mutiny's performance with every wing of your fail group. But I don't want to make people cry, so I just compared the "best" wing of RFF (principle of a homeschool type thing imo) with the elite of the server.

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    Seriously? When an alliance has splatted as many hammers as RFF has, top attackers is an indication of nothing but either failed planning or poor use of a hammer. If I splatted all our hammers right now I could get in top 5 attackers easily.

    And btw, you may want to read the rules to this thread again.

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