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    anyone know of a non T4 server starting soon?
    Quote Originally Posted by The British Lion View Post
    Yea hats off for the def *grumble*

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    and a 2.5 please, with no puffy heroes.

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    I never heard travian games say that this is the last classic server..
    But I've heard players say that to me last 2 years..

    I can only assume that the press release from januari this year still stands and they keep the classical servers running.
    At least this international one.

    In all fairness and to my knowledge the more local contry orientated classical servers wasnt a big hit. But I guess they have only themselves to blame for that. Being so unclear in there intentions and saying that there will be no more classical servers only t4. Alot of people quit because of that and that was before they announced there change of heart (if we can call it annonuced, it wasnt really a big campaign around it) alot of people probably didnt even know there was a new classic server when this one started.

    So kick it up again and please do some proper advertising this time..
    Maybe try to reach all the players from those 36 ? countries having classic versions running today with low player numbers on and gather them here on the international .com server.

    Count me in!

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    nope Unfortunately, I've looked everywhere and in December t3, 6 x1 nowhere starts maybe after new year
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