Greetings fellow TRAVIAN warriors

In these days of corruption, deceipt, poverty and crιsis,
the only hope for MANKIND is to take up arms and fight for survival

We Myrmidones as our fierce ancestors did before us,
offer you the chance of joining us in this server's conquest...
It will be a long and bloody journey to the top.

Make the correct choice and join us, or treat us with respect!
Any other road will lead to your extermination!!!

We wont make a description of our skills. You will see them in action very soon.
The ancient history of our race's spirit speaks through our language.

We are offering the best company you will ever find
We train players to be the best in the future
We protect our allies and members
We have strong bonds with our secrets allies
We punish our enemies with massive force
And we know almost everything...

This flaschback will refresh your memory

Fill up this application if you want to join ...or choose what to write on your tombstone.
MYRMIDONES Application

We are searching players only in ++
Sim sity is not acceptable
Every one must have discipline
SKYPE is mandatory
Team spirit and communication is priority
Refugges will be crashed like bugs
Sitting is mandatory before entering our alliance

If you think you cant compete these terms then dont bother to send anything

With blood and honour!