Tag: MRC
Name: Mercenary


We are a group of mercenaries willing to do anything for our lord.

You can buy our services for gold

Troops defensive support, a major offensive to their service or whatever.
Accounts represent.
Anything you can imagine, ask for it

By the time you pay may give any order, it is our own.

No matter the mission, we will execute as efficiently as possible.

Medrancas please contact to negotiate price and terms.

Prices range from 10 golds up.

Regards and good buy

What do we expect of you?

Be obedient and take-profit

What do we offer you?

1. Gold
2. protection
3. Help learning
4. Action
5. More gold xD

The Recruiters are:

So if you are interested to join our alliance, just ask them.
Account is reviewed before entering.