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Thread: And what is in the future?

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    Default And what is in the future?

    I liked travian
    I spent good 6 years playing this game from time to time..
    I left it 2 months ago
    Do you like it or not, but this server "started" as a "elite" server - 17 qualification servers is not joke
    After several months from the start it is clear, that travian is more dead, than alive
    1. I never seen and never even heard about such a terrible bugs in any online game on such a high and important level of competition (I guess 17 qualifications is important enough)
    2. It is quite clear, that there is no balance in T4
    3. It is clear as well, that rules of the game must be changed, because it is shame and at the same time quite funny to see, how strong and unbeatable can be smaller part of the server and how impotent is the rest of the server..
    4. I belive TG has to find a solution to encourage "the active stile" of playing, otherwise it become boring and boring..
    5. SeditiousKings should ask russians to give him some travian lessions and stop posting nonsenses on the forum
    Thanks for a good game, everybody!
    MightyRU & CWL

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    Travian will limp along for a little while, but it does not have near the same amount of players it had years ago. The average US server is lucky to get 1k players to endgame. T4 destroyed it for the traditional player, the hacking, bots, and "bugs" and the refusal to address them have frustrated others, and to have a "do it for your country" final where the server was clearly lopsided might be the final nail in the Travian coffin.

    the disaster that Travian has become is probably a blessing in disguise...

    Congratulations to the Russian team!

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    I have been playing near 6 years , mostly uk and IN a bit but did play comy qualifier , gosh what can i say good at the way its turned out T4 has been a slow and painful death .

    I have NEVER see so many bugs and problems as in the final, even adding up all the issues in all the games i have played , Lost count the number of times it should have been rolled back r dare i even suggest it - restarted - a COMPLETE AND UTTER MESS.

    But for me the worst thing was the blatant cheating , Im not a MH , I dont have the access and the fancy tech stuff to search they out but many where as obvious as a huge boil on your nose .

    Not going to say well done to the russians , why would I - Where is the pride , the national pride in cheating more than most . They didnt win on merit or because they where better at the game better bots maybe , better multi's but not better at the SKIll that once was needed to play and play well .Sadly no more


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