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Thread: A message to the people on the Crazynut account

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    Default A message to the people on the Crazynut account

    To whomsoever it may concern,

    That was a really nice hammer you built there. Congratulations!

    But I regret to inform you that you have just now broken Article 67, Section 567 of the Geneva convention that relates to the treatment of people assigned to the care of a WW. I quote "All those people who are tasked with the care and management of a World Wonder (Henceforth referred to as "Haha!! Suckers!!!") do a great service to the server at large. These brave men and women put themselves and their sanity at great peril so people on the server may find some hope of salvation from ever decreasing crop supply and seemingly unending red swords, sleepless nights, ignored girlfriends (and boyfriends and possibly both!), cats, rats, dogs, elephants and other assorted pets, a shocking increase in pileup of work that needs to be done, perceptible drop in productivity and bodily hygiene."

    These people are conferred asylum on the field of battle after the World Wonder (henceforth referred to as "abomination") has reached level 97. Their torture, pain and suffering in substitution for everyone else's may only be continued when the WW is at level 95 and below. Your hammer landed a mere 11 hours before the abomination were to reach level 100 and offer the wretched souls still clinging to this server their first taste of freedom in over 8 months.

    As a result, you are found to be in breach of Wonder Code #ARF4930298 and accused of inflicting cruel and unusual punishment on the aforementioned Haha!! Suckers!!! As a result, you will now face penalties appropriate to your crime and find yourself spammed with long winded legalese and jargon that even google translate will not dare touch with a rusty halberd ten foot long. I hope you enjoy the respite you received when the hammer crashed and your crop problems were solved. But know this! You have the lamentations of all the starving troops, crushed dreams of a solid night's sleep from the multitude of players, the threat of Koala Bears' extinction on your conscience! May Godz have mercy on your hero's soul!

    WW team

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    Debal better go see that movie anyway!
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    rofl geneva convention
    could it get more hilarious
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    Default Rofl

    Never thought of it in that angle. Pleading guilty for my act

    Well done by WILD.

    --Venkat and Ashish (duals of crazynut account)

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    i feel for you, Haha!! Suckers!!!
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    Yeah good post, good hammer, nice hit ... and so the agony continues
    Also nice to see sense of humour and good-sportsmans/womans ship after more than a little venom (from all sides) on the forum in last week or two.

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    koala bears deserve to be extinct , they lie about being bears, though they have good taste on who they piss on

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    someone seems to have a bad experience with koala bears.. *rofl*

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    Quote Originally Posted by debal View Post
    someone seems to have a bad experience with koala bears.. *rofl*
    Definitely and thats because he lives with koalas
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