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Thread: End of the Server MMs from the Wild

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    Ice Queen

    Default End of the Server MMs from the Wild

    MM: Special Thanks to WW team/contributors

    Greeting Wildlings,

    The server is scheduled to end at 10 UTC today and WILD IS VICTORIOUS! Please log in for a few days afterwards for a couple MMs, DF|StoneWall is producing a commemorative video of our server 2 win

    Volunteering your account to be a target - oops I mean the wonder holders - takes a special brand of insanity and dedication to the team. The straitjackets for this round belong to Girasoul and Debal and their endgame duals Mari and Adi (and occasionally Senus). If you dont think handling a whiplash of overflow to starvation every 15 minutes is painful, the wonder sitters can tell you differently. Additional bilpolar medication is being shipped in for the Wonder Sitter team of Sarcy, DinkoMr. Fast, Kintal, Jawad, Peter, Christine and Ice. These players helped sit and feed all the defenses by raiding, npcing, and shipping resources and crop like crazy.Taking care of wonder is extremely time consuming and VERY rarely not stressful.

    Wonder pictures courtesy of Debal here:

    We would also like to thank the players who supported the wonder effort monetarily. It takes A LOT of gold to feed all the wonder, plan and artifact defenses. Thank you Sarcy, Ice, Mari and Pignouf for not only giving up time but money to support the alliance efforts!

    The Endgame hammers did a fabulous job and if you havent seen all their reports - they are here:

    We would also like to thank everyone who diligently sent crop to the wonder to keep the defenses feed and ready to kill enemy hammers and natars. Great work everyone!

    For all of you curious folks - the crop tool tracked the shipping that was happening - and while we dont have a perfect record of everything, here are the top contributions that were recorded:

    W|Kraken 419 Million
    W|Hounds 414 Million
    W|Dragons 369 Million
    W|Unicorns 270 Million

    Other NW Supporters:
    ATR 68 Million

    Special mention - A-Team members fed the plan locations and provided mobile defense during the entire endgame. Each village added to the the tool was a seperate cost so we did not track all the villages they were shuffling between - these members deserve special thanks for their incredibly dedicated service to Wild - Thanks Westy, Petro, Otters, Superimposed, achaa, Apex and Don Domingo

    Players (Top 20 Shippers):
    Simetheslime 43 Million
    Jack London 36 Million
    Cruel&Vicous 30 Million
    Dunderhead 30 Miliion
    Ulmo 28 Million
    cri 27 Million
    the doctor 26 Million
    chipbi 26 Million
    zombie 25 Million
    Pignouf 23 Million
    piet 23 Million
    psolaras21 23 Million
    DATO 20 Million
    Martsguru 20 Million
    blah 20 Million
    johnnyhaubica 19 Milion
    Vrajitorul 19 Million
    Dacia 18 Million

    It take a TEAM to win this game. A TEAM to build a wonder that can beat the others to the top. A TEAM that sticks together through thick and thin. Congratualations on a WILDLY Successful TEAM EFFORT!!

    Wild Alpha Council

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    Ice Queen


    MM - Thanks to the Leadership Team


    We have alphas, wing leaders, and officers that made this possible. The list tends to change through the server tho, so you should know who worked their tails off to help you find success. Congrats on your win! Remember to thank everyone!

    (starting crew)
    Ceril (hanging out as an advisor)
    (added towards to end for training)
    Byron (ninjaplatypi)
    Henk (mobothor)
    Debal (IfElephantsFly)
    Naruto (HolySmoke)
    Wing officers:
    Jane - Wingleader
    Robert (jesshao)
    Byron (ninjaplatypi)
    Naruto - Wingleader
    DF (Stonewall)
    Debal (ifelephantsfly)
    Unicorns -
    Razor (Pink Unicorn) - Wingleader
    Sula (Mr Fast)
    Thomas (SuicideBuffet)
    Duendi (-9-)
    Ice (Apex) Wingleader
    Westy (The Musketeers)
    Kaan (Don Domingo)
    OC Team-
    Scout Team
    Jane (Legend)
    Mel (Alphatiger)
    DC Team-
    A-Team (artifacts)
    The Musketeers
    Don Domingo
    Grey Team

    There are a ton of people who just plain stepped up and helped as they were needed. Nick with early data collection, Kintal running defense around the quad, Adi stealing plans with Stein and the others - Wild works because EVERYONE works. If you didnt pick up a piece of the load this round, think about it for next time. And THANK everyone who did.

    Advanced apologies for all the specific people who have helped a ton and didnt get mentioned in one of these MMs. We've tried to recognize everyone and if we forgot your piece of the load - we're sorry - but we love you anyway!

    Great job TEAM!

    The Wild Alpha Council

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    Ice Queen


    Thanks to everyone on server 2 for making this a great server. This round was definitely entertaining.

    Good game and good luck to all!


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