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Thread: Congratulation!!!!!!!!

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    Default Congratulation!!!!!!!!

    AS BOA does not want to congratulate us, I will do it myself

    First of all I congratulate everyone that this server is over We all know that is was one of the most boring servers ever.

    I congratulate Geko and all SGR-Ronin WW team with the victory. Well deserved.
    mhazard, I'm glad you were attacked on the last day and finally got fun playing your favorite sim-sim part .
    dooftwit - again well deserved I guess you had more fun through whole game than most of us

    Congratulations to BOA for pulling yourself together (literally) at the last moment and becoming the largest alliance. You still could not beat GoldFat on attacking points though

    I was told by several BOA players that the main issue for them was lack of leadership, which is true I guess as they have a lot very skilled players.
    However, it's time to say this - Gold Meta barely had any leadership this round, due to real life issues. The victory belongs to skills and dedication of individual players, all of them, but there is a few I want to mention.

    Megan, you are the one. I said "barely any leadership" earlier and I meant Gold Meta. You are an exemplary leader.

    bornstar account... You guys rock

    My sitter BlueMoon, who I was lucky to meet at the beginning of the server and his friendship I hope to carry beyond travian.

    My first dual, whose generosity allowed me little goldwhoring at the beginning. And of course my beloved dual K&M, all medals on my account belongs to him.

    All players, Gold, SGR and R0 - it was a pleasure and honor to meet you and play side by side. See you around.

    Truly yours, Ele, aka Pink Elephant.

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    congrats guys Well played SGR and Gold. I feel for the BOA players since they got screwed by their own leadership. Hail RocknRolla

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    Finally the stare fest is over and I would like to congratulate team sgr-ronin and Gold for their victory.
    Yes Gold hardly had any reliable leadership at least what i observed. The difference came down to that our individual members were more daring and kept presure on boa members especially the arti holders. Here I will mention names of Alon and myrlix who made sure that boa end up with as minimum artis as possible.

    Still congratulate to SGR - Ronin - Gold meta for the win and applause to individual members of BOA for doing the best with the limited leadership that they had.
    syedfsz - Morbid Desire (GoldFat)
    Lead Metas s9 - 2009 CF [Lost] s7 - 2010 Thunders [Won]
    ts9 - 2013 BPAT [Won] ts2 - 2014 CHAOS [Won] ts1 - 2015 SGR [Lost]

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    Lol, as I seem to be the only BOA Member who ever participated in this foram , I will say again congratulations to all involved, you all deserve it ( I did congratulate you all long ago btw)

    The facts are simple, the better team won, there is absoulutly no argueement from me or any BOA member I know, we know you out played us in every way

    Good luck to you all in the future

    Be lucky
    Com1- CorteztheKiller / Com3- Bonnie&Clyde / Com5- Goodfellas
    Com5- B&C / Com8- djnoddi / Com9- Bonnie&Clyde

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    Due to rl reasons I had to leave and sit most of this one out. In Daves (critique) and My absence Ele was the one that really stepped up and took the bull by the horns, leading Golderod to our win with SGR.

    Thanks to Ele (Pink Elephant), pinno, mazeska, syed, peter, tkh, Tim, many of u showed what u were capable of and stepped up. The sgr meta leader Mazzie I Hold in the highest regard, one of the best and most respected players I have had the honor of serving and playing against. (Still we fight each other on com7) The ever loyal Megan the oldest Gold leader we have among us. Each and every last warrior of Golderod and SGR

    Trust was always an issue allying the two once biggest foes of the com1 rounds.
    Allying SGR and Gold killed the game a little, Boa Looked very promising and showed a lot of positive signs early on, only it was not the battle I know we all wanted.

    Thanks to those in BOA who stuck it out and did there very best to challenge SGR-GOLD. As pointed out BOA leadership left to play other servers, the loss of commitment coupled with few capable leaders meant BOA were not able to secure a single ww and were unable to compete with the seasoned vets in GOLD and SGR.

    I feel I owe an apology to GUA I couldn't be there as much as I would have wanted, thanks to the amazing spirit of the team, thanks to ele who always allowed me acess to her account to keep a distant eye on the events of the server.

    New challenges await and being part of the winning endgame meta for the third time in a row on com1. It's time for a new challenge and perhaps the dawn of a new Golden era

    Well done Golderod Uber Alles and our good old SGR foes


    Monkey Magic

    Bow before Golderod and your enemies will be laid low, your crops will flourish, your iron will make mountains of steel, your clay pits will extend to the very center of the earth, and your timber will grow to blot the Sun!

    Bow not before The Saffron Howler, The Wheaty Hunger...Then ye shall be cut down. Your enemies will lie thickly around you, blood-beaked ravens will feast in the chest-cavities of your children, winter wolves will dance in the slaughter-reek lit by your burning hall. Your crops will wither and blacken, your clay will be blood-soaked and useless, your iron shall make brittle steel, and your timber will be blighted with rot!


    worse than all of this

    You shall be pursued to the end of your craven days by the Fist of Golderod, who will salt your furrows, who will ravage your lands, and who will laugh as they dance on your carbonized skulls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ele View Post
    AS BOA does not want to congratulate us, I will do it myself


    Megan, you are the one. I said "barely any leadership" earlier and I meant Gold Meta. You are an exemplary leader.

    ....Truly yours, Ele, aka Pink Elephant.
    Thanks very much and thank you to all the individuals who came together to make it a win. We had some new faces in Golderod this round and a lot of spirited effort top to bottom.

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    For those interested enough to extend the 4 weeks starting period of the new 3.6 visit the following thread:
    s7 FWE & Crusaders - s7 Defiance
    s5 Spectre - s1 MH tc6 WC - ts7 MC
    tc3 Flesh L!ght

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