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    Default Feature Analysis - NB Merger

    Feature Analysis

    The North-East is for many a mysterious quadrant. Since the start of the server Meta’s have formed, reformed, and reformed again, making it hard for many to keep track of developments. The latest reform involved the merger between the alliance previously known as NE and the alliance previously known as RD. Having received statements from leaders across the quadrant, we hope to create a clearer picture for all of us.

    An inevitability, the merger came as RD and NE have been in a heated war for months, a war against the infamous Grufffyn of what is now TBD. At that time, however, it was RD standing alone for a while, only later joined by rogue NE wings. When asked the reason behind the merger, one NE leader, Mr. Pig, was quoted as saying “It is my understanding that a member of our leadership, who will remain anonymous, started talking to RD leadership, and the merge was initiated.

    “But basically it was decided that this constant fighting was only weakening the quad. RD had some great hits, and we did as well”

    DUST of the former RD, although very busy, provided us with a short statement, stating “the only thing is that no matter merger or not, we must 0'd Grufffyn and all his accounts.” As such it is as clear as ever that RD’s intentions will not/have not changed regardless of the merger.

    How has the merger been perceived thus far by individuals within the quadrants?
    The merger, having been initiated rather suddenly by all appearances, has received criticism and praise from players and leaders across the quadrant. Mr. Pig has been quoted as saying “The majority of members seem to support the merge, we conducted a poll to gain a general consensus on everyone's feelings. The only big problem being that things were initiated before this had been done, which is neither here nor there-everyone makes mistakes. I myself could care less what happened between RD and NE, I have been ready every time I had incoming, but it's nice to be able to sleep again. My members (speaking exclusively for NB-X here) seem to have no qualms either way as well, but as an academy wing, many of them were not in NE for the majority of the scuffles with RD, so I haven't really sought their feelings on the matter.”

    EDITED by request of MOD Thats_Rite: Jadom, a forum poster whose in-game name is unknown to Hrothgar Communications, has been quoted as saying some very offensive statements regarding the merger, with the gist of it saying he is very discontent with the move, indicating that there are still critics of the move.

    Whether the individuals will resist NB leadership and decide to join forces with Grufffyn in game, or let it slide, is still to be seen. Mr. Pig, when asked, stated “Once that's done” referring to reshuffling efforts “I think we'll get a feel for why the others are resisting-whether it's a distaste for current leadership, a distaste for the merge, or the rare case of actually supporting Grufffyn.”

    How will the merger affect inter-quad relations with the NE?
    At this stage the various meta leaders are very cautious on predictions as to what affect the merger will have.

    Pirate$ are watching the merger with a close eye, with Elminster of Pirate$A believing “RD will try dominate in NE quad and will try win, they can be in conf with Panth, so it's can be like West vs. East”. Although Manbearpig did not comment on future relations with the NE, he was quoted as saying “As for the recent merger of RD and NE, I wish them luck. Reorganization is a difficult process and this late in the game it can lead to many problems.” Keeping these statements in mind, will this much talked about west vs. east war be the result of what seems to be the stabilisation of the NE?

    The SW Immortals have yet to comment on how the recent developments will affect SW relations, with both Infinite and El Grupo stating that an official statement will follow soon. El Grupo was quoted as saying “What I can tell you, is that nothing is clear till now. NE quad is a really a big mystery... I can’t trace what’s going on, every day new wings/confeds. What is sure, there will be a civil war between old Titans (Huydq) against the new master of the quad NB”.

    Although PANTHEON has been very withdrawn, and refuses to provide a statement to our Hrothgar Communications journalist in the server, JEE was quoted as saying “Regarding NE, RD and Pirates... and IM, it is the same old story, U all want to win and fight against each other in the WW race which is a good thing as U will have someone to fight with and to have a race... PANTHEON meta is all about "old school" players who want to bring down immortals who cheat, and have fun playing this server, but as always, real life must come first and when the fun becomes repetition of old story then one must end it, as there is no need for repeat however fun it was teaching some of immortals in beating and lesson in life, general..”

    The NE had more to say about relations with the SE, with Mr. Pig of NE being quoted as saying “Some talks are happening now regarding breaking all ties with pantheon and taking some of our diet arties back, which were loaned to them and they are now refusing to return. There have been several issues with them, mainly that they performed extremely poorly at artie release, and decided it was ok to attack one of our members to take his artie because "they didn't like him".”, indicating a potential war against the SE, and potential alliance with the west. Mr. Pig followed his statement with “Regardless, having two large metas confed'd up a month after server start was absolutely ridiculous, and I'm sure I'm not the only one in NE embarrassed by it.” indicating that breaking off all ties was a potentiality long-time coming.

    When asked how the merger will affect relations with the SW and the NW, Mr. Pig was quoted as saying “As far as IM and pirate$ go, I guess things will stay the same. Hopefully with the new RD off coords we can finish clearing our quad and move on to some crossquad fights. It will be interesting to see if RD will cut off all their previous ties with IM, but that's something that should have been settled in the merger talks (and may have been for all I know)”, thereby indicating the potential formation of a stand-alone quadrant, an interesting prospect considering the history of the quadrant.

    How will the merger affect inter-quad relations between the other quadrants?
    When asked how the recent merger will affect relations between the SW and its NW neighbours/SE enemies, El Grupo was quoted as saying “About Pirate$, and that is just my opinion, they are waiting like us, to see what merge in the NE quad to take the next steep.” El Grupo did not comment on PANTHEON.
    The general statement from the other quadrants was to wait and see.

    How will the merger affect the end-game?
    Although few alliances were comfortable making statements, as stated by Pirate$ Manbearpig “I believe endgame is still anyone's to take.” NE leader Mr. Pig has stated “from the impressions I have gotten, the majority of our members feel a good deal of relief that we can now focus on strengthening our quad to be a competitor for endgame.”

    How will this merger affect the war against Grufffyn?
    As we all know by now, RD has been involved in a lengthy war against Grufffyn. When asked how the merger will affect the war with Grufffyn and his loyal followers, Mr. Pig was been quoted as saying “RD has expressed a great dislike for the huydq account (played by Grufffyn), and have not been discreet about their intentions towards it after this merger. It seems they were smart enough to figure out that wherever Grufffyn goes, drama will be sure to follow. Whether NE forces will be ordered to launch on him as well is hard to say, but I know quite a few of us wouldn't need much convincing.”
    Grufffyn’s forces are few at best, with Mr. Pig stating “his followers are not many, his little rebellion (FSM or something) had less than ten members-about 1/3 of which were either controlled by him or a close friend.”

    As a result we can conclude that the situation in the NE is volatile at best, with all quadrants eagerly awaiting the results. From all of us here at Hrothgar Communications, thank you for reading. We hope we were able to shed some light on the situation.

    If you are in any way involved or affected by the recent merger in the NE, or would just like to give your opinion on the matter, either contact Adm De Ruyter in-game, send a PM to Hrothgar on the forums, or just simply post a quick reply here. If you would like to comment on the article, please post a quick reply.

    For those interested, we are always looking for more journalists.

    We would like to thank Mr. Pig, Elminster, Manbearpig, El Grupo, Infinite, JEE, DUST and Jadom for their statements and insights.
    *This newscast is brought to you by Hrothgar Communications; impartial news from the heart of s5

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    rofl this is great stuff Hrothgar!!
    this certainly makes Travian a better game! i wish randomgeek or someone like him appears again. all these reports and stuff really gives life to a browser game.

    for more news, u might wanna approach Dude from NB-A. one of the player on the account (Mighty Roman) is pretty vocal. u might get some interesting perspective and insider news from him (since he is in the council).

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