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Thread: Project Echo: War of Hackers

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    Default Project Echo: War of Hackers

    Project Echo, known to many computer hackers as a coding sequence that allows its creator to rule the world with a stroke from their fingers. There has been a claim that there is someone out in the world who has completed Project Echo, and uses it as a threat to world governments to seize control.

    This cannot be allowed, Project Echo in another hackers hands. Who will rise up, and hack the hacker for World Domination?

    Iíve decided to revise and revive my old Project Echo games that never took off. Hopefully I can get a few participants, for after all, who doesnít want to rule the world?

    Project Echo is a free-for-all game with the objective of being the last man standing. It is played though rounds of which each player declares an attack and a defense.

    Each playerís computer starts with 10,000 Bytes. When a computer has 0 Bytes, it will crash with no hope of restarting. At the start of each round a player will PM me their attack and defense. When a round ends, I will PM information to players and make a general announcement in this tread.

    Each round, a player may attack one player with one of the following viruses. Note, some attacks cost bytes to use.

    Writing: Write code to generate 1000 bytes.
    Cookie: Costs 500 bytes, infects player with a cookie, so long as cookie is active you will see a playerís attacks and who they attack. Players are not alerted if they have cookies in the system.
    Trojan Horse: Costs 1000 bytes, opponent loses 2000 bytes.
    Cascade: Steals 500 bytes from an opponent. Repeated successes add 500 bytes each time until properly defended.
    E-bomb: Costs 2500 bytes, opponent losses 1000 bytes and their next attack.

    Each round, a player may choose one defensive move to counter any attacks made on them.

    Anti-virus Scan: Deletes all cookies in system and generates 500 bytes for each one deleted.
    Return to Sender: Counters Trojan horses and the attacker loses 1000 bytes
    Firewall: Blocks cascades, and stops Trojan horses. (Attacker will not lose bytes) Also prevents the attack loss from E-bombs.
    Disconnect: Prevents an E-bomb from landing
    Re-Route: Costs 2000 bytes, all attacks against player go to an opponent of choice
    Restart: Stops all attacks, but lose your next attack.


    Cascade successes do not have to be in rapid succession. You may cascade and steal 500 bytes, then cookie next round, and Cascade on the 3rd to steal 1000 bytes. Cascade stacks are reset when you hit a firewall and stack separately for each opponent.

    If E-bombed by two or more opponents in the same round you will only lose your attack for the next round.

    When I PM round information back to players, you will know if you blocked any attacks, and the specific attacks you received, but not who attacked you unless you had a cookie on the attacker.

    Well, I think thatís everything. All thatís need now are players. Iíll also take any questions or comments that may need to be addressed. If all goes well, more Project Echo games will be made. If you want to join, simply say so. 3 players are needed to start, and Iím putting the cap at 6 players.

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    ((This will not work. I have calculated it. Sorry to be upfront and not provide an explanation, but I'm just checking through and don't have the time or patience to say why not.

    In case you're wondering, I figured it out while bored in Geometry.

    EDIT: Did it occur to you that someone could repeatedly restart, turn after turn after turn? Also, "Project Echo" doesn't make any appearance or have any significance - if someone had it, the other hackers should be trying to work together to take him down. That or he wins automatically, neither of which make a balanced game.))
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    ((Yeah, I'm rather aware of a balance issue, but I won't be able to see the issues until a game is played. It's more of, I'm looking for people to help test this out.))

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