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Thread: What is going on in TS9...?

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    Thanks for the Hero xps.
    Damn just short of 1m hero xp, guess need to use more gold next time lol
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    Sorry I was late to the show

    Interesting how this server panned out. I have to say I was disappointed when I heard of quads confederating. BPAT and NWB/HUN territorily was a 2.75 vs 1.25 server imo. I was hoping for each quad for themselves spectacle. I guess HUN were growing so strongly in the start-mid part of the server that they painted a target on their head and forced the south to consider "we better confederate here".

    Therefore HUN's reputation is still intact, they're not quite on the level of Infamous/Wild as far as com metas go, but they are much better than average. Despite their loss on this server, nobody can deny that quad for quad, they were the strongest on com9. When a server has to unite against them to get the victory, that fact must be self-evident, no? Think we can all agree that HUN's arrival from their hungarian national servers has added much to the com domain.

    That said, a win is a win. And if I was in BOP's or SWAT's shoes, I would have probably also sought to confederate against the HUNs. The confederation with RONIN took more shine off the victory than added though imo, that quad was always neutralized by civil war. Was it more to keep RONIN away from HUN I wonder?

    To keep a collective that big together requires high quality soft skills of communication and man-management, much of which is work that goes unnoticed by membership. Kudos to the leadership team of BPAT. The members of BPAT though, must be congratulated for their committment and desire to pull it off, a course was set for your victory and you had the guts to see it through.

    HUNs, maybe 3rd time lucky for your com win
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