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Thread: com6 Dual Requests

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    Default com6 Dual Requests

    If you are looking to dual or if you are looking for a dual on com6 please post here. This thread is only for dual requests for com6!
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    Default dual

    Experinced player here looking for a dual, if interested about joining with me PM for more info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by l1nker View Post
    Experinced player here looking for a dual, if interested about joining with me PM for more info.
    Offering myself as dual. =) Own a top10 account in terms of offense n defense before.

    email me or skype chinseng93

    ~May enlightened minds prevail~

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    Looking to dual with 1 or 2 people on a very aggressive account.

    Experienced raider
    10+ hrs a day
    highly aggressive and looking for duals that share the same blood thirst.
    no settling in our 30x30

    PM this account or add baconbitsz to skype.

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    I'm a experience top raider!
    Very aggressive!
    Have won 3 rounds
    Good English but I come from Sweden
    Not a golder but maby will be soon
    Have been top 1 raider and attacker many times!

    Skype: owlier.pixie

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    Default Experienced dual for Teutons

    Hello everyone. I'm looking for an experienced player to dual on a top 100 account.
    The tribe is teutons and the strategy is offensive of course.
    I'm looking for someone who is willing to buy gold.
    If interested send PM.

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    Default want to dual

    I am a well experienced player.
    I have played 2 rounds to the end both where guals but I was a sitter and dual to Roman and teuton accs.
    I am in summer now and there is no school (I have just graduated) so I have all the time in the world to play travian.
    I am not a gold buyer (I dont buy gold at all) but I have 2 friends who (by inviting them) give me enough gold to get a gold club.
    I am in UTC +3.
    I love teamwork and I want to make a great travian acc.
    ‎‏If intrested pm me or on skype: masteroulay
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    Default Available Dual

    I'm looking for a person who needs a dual. Preferably a Teutons account with a lot of raiding. I can be on a good amount as school is now out. I have top 5 experience and I would be willing to buy gold if it is needed. Skype-bwh11112 or pm me

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    Default Dual or three

    I am in need of a dual or two more players to play with me;
    I am experienced and have been playing for two years now, though played first played travian in 2009.
    I am a Roman by tribe and would gladly welcome anyone to team up with me.

    Travian is a team work and it is usually interesting to play as a group in one account: makes life easier for everyone.

    skype: paschal.johnpaul

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    Offering myself as Dual.
    I know the basics of the game & know how to make pop. (simcity is my game )
    Looking to join a good offensive team who is willing to share the secret of advance strategies & teach me how to balance pop. with troops (have made anvils but want to learn how to make 300k+ hammers now)
    I could not & would not buy gold & since I dont buy it I also use very little of it ( I wont waste ur money, promise )
    pretty active ( gives lots of passive time throughout the day : active time 3-4 hrs )
    Timezone = +5 GMT
    send me a pm on forum & I'll give u the skype id. ( dont wanna cramp my skype with requests )


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