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Thread: Dual Requests

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    Default Dual Requests

    If you are looking to dual or if you are looking for a dual on finals please post here.
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    We are gonna rock this server too,

    we are full experienced players and need serious duals to play with us ,

    full offensive acc, gonna play as roman,

    no doubt , have past time great tournament medals too, With WW medal too

    we need dual able to buy gold ,

    contact me with ur GMT

    add me on skype, - saman4222

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    Default Looking for a golder dual


    We are looking for a dual who can buy us gold. Preferable from Australia or America so we can cover the acc 24/7.

    About our acc:

    The acc is played by 8-11 serious players.
    If things go well there will be 2 people who buy gold.( with you 3 ). We will play offensive teutons who will raid a lot of resources.

    If you are interested then write pm or add us on skype.

    Skype: (acc leader)
    Mine: bviktorka13

    Bye, Viktor

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    Hi all!

    Looking for a dual to play as Gaul defender in finals! We use, and would like YOU to help US with gold covering.
    Playing till the end.

    P.S Winners of previous tournament as the coalition members

    Skype: lupah.fiasco

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    Default dual needed on tournament final

    Hi, I am looking for dual for tournament final account (just activated). The account's tribe is teuton.. Interested, please pm me as soon as possible...let's raid with me... : )

    I still looking for dual now...(16th November 2013)

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    Hi !

    I have a Roman account in NE (+|+)
    My pseudo is "Assouan"

    I play off (with a good farming for start)

    I search a very good dual ! (chinese, french, russian, ... I agree all, just are good !)
    I currently playing solo

    Skype ==> d.assouan (the first Assouan you find... country "belgium")


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    hello mates need dual for roman acc,
    need close to gmt+6

    good very much active dual

    no need more information, just add me and we can talk
    add me on skype - saman4222

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