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Thread: How to get best out of hero in the beginning

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    Default How to get best out of hero in the beginning

    My hero strength is 1100, i 've put most of the points in strength. But when i look at the oasis around, they're filled with 100s of animals and my hero would be killed.

    So i have no other option than to make him sit idle.

    What shall i do to get best of hero. There ae many people with good experience so kindly share ur experience.

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    put all points into off % bonus and clear oases with clubs/legos to get more exp and be top raider.

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    If ur hero is gonna sit simply, put all ur points into res production(except maybe 3-4 points on FS so that he survives adventures) and sim away. If you have over 1k troops, off/def bonus is more productive than FS so if u attack with hero+1k plus troops, put in off bonus. If u attack with hero alone, FS.

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    Increase your scout number and try to find big farms - simmers and noobs, and you can try catching clubswingers at home too.
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    Look the only way to quickly grow your hero and run in the top spots across raiders and attackers is to get that hero working asap.

    Do not be afraid to use your hero and kill him why you are attacking these oasis and put all points into attackers points till that is completely full. As your hero levels up you will be able to kill more and more critters in those oasis. When you lower the critter number to where your next run will clear it then send some troops to land right after your hero goes in.

    I know this sounds tough and foolish but it is the quickest way to strengthen your hero and get those attacker points as well.

    Once you fill up the attacker points slot then move down to the Offensive bonus slot and fill that in. Then do the same for defense and resources.

    My point of view on this comes from playing strictly offensive but no matter which way you intend to play the most important thing is to fill up those attacker points slot asap
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