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Thread: Travian War on Bots

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    Default Travian War on Bots

    while its nice that HQ have finally decided to acknowledge that BOTS and scripts are ruining the game, a few well intentioned words do little to satisfy the player base.
    Now you have acknowledged the game is broken and accept this, i see no reason for you still charging us full rate to play the game.
    Please reduce gold price by at least half until you have fixed this broken game to show us you really care and the words you write actually have any meaning. 2012 - dolot (GoDz Def Crew) bump (GoDz Def Crew)
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    Glad to see that TG has accepted the situation and trying to work things out. But I don't think they'll reduce the gold price.

    This is something we take seriously. It is a threat to the company. - This is from Phanttis's post. The main reason they are trying to solve this issue cause this is making the game less profitable for them. So while reducing Gold price will be a good sign that they care for other players, it is not likely to happen.

    It makes the game less enjoyable for you, and that is completely unacceptable. - This is the rest of the part of the same paragraph from Phanttis's post. I think this is where the normal players are concerned and we should do our part here.

    It makes me very sad that most alliances don't mind and support if someone or few of them are using Bots or doing something illegal in game. Because more often than not you'll find them among the top players. If we hug those guys in game like brothers and keep asking TG to take action, I think this will take many more days, if not will never stop.
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    Well, I am happy to read this. It is comparable to doping, i mean the whole thing. Cheaters get caught, they change tactics. Last 10 years every winner of the Tour de France the biggest cycling race got caught. Usually just a few years after due to the controll methods being behind the consumpers methods.

    Anyway, on s6 we informed MH about plenty of cheatings going on. Players within 8*8 having names like A&M, M&M, M&A, A&A, the whole attacking bots used by opponents that are unlikely to be real, the hacking, the fact that one player got sit by an enemy account without knowing of it that it ever should have happened... So the most effective way to reduce cheating is to also allow reasonable arguments that are constructed by evidence even if it is not traced back by the computer programms. Otherwise you always end up being behind.

    And the other option is: Sell travian servers to us, create them for private players...

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    atleast they now have captchas at account registration. atleast in com. i do not see them elsewhere though.

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    I think the problem is impossible to solve,
    I play another team game which involves running around and picking up various items, in every game 10% of the players are robots and they are almost impossible to spot unless you follow them around and look for odd behaviour.
    I didn't think such complicated behaviour could be replicated, but it has. Apparently the suspected total is 100,000 robots in use.

    Travian is pretty simple in comparison, with fixed responses for every situation.
    I shan't mention specifically what went on in my time, but cheating was rife and went undetected, I gather such practices remain undetected still.

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    the bot villages have some usual kind of names.....

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    The captcha's help a little bit when it comes to automatic registration, but when it comes to manually creating an account and then putting a bot on it, there it won't help at all. I really hope this war on bots thing will work for others versions of travian too..

    @Horsey: Yup it is still going undetected (or at least unpunished) for the most part, even the very obvious bots can just get away with it. Which just shouldn't be. At the very least TG could make it harder for people to cheat like that, surely they can come up with some heuristics. I know I could.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ammanurt View Post
    @Horsey: Yup it is still going undetected (or at least unpunished) for the most part, even the very obvious bots can just get away with it. Which just shouldn't be. At the very least TG could make it harder for people to cheat like that, surely they can come up with some heuristics. I know I could.
    They should pay you to make such thing... ;D

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    An idea, maybe they could design some kind of warning system so that any mention of the word bot or similar word in an alliance forum would result in the Multihunter being alerted so they could check the case out. Just an idea. Of course it could still get mentioned in Skype conversations, but it would be one in-game method of trying to find bots.
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    this would cause a few problems...

    - unfortunately you would have thousands of players writing messages with the word "bot" in them just to tie up the MH.

    - MHs would need access to forums which would raise security and privacy issues.

    - many alliances use forums not in Travian. How could they access those?

    - and finally bot users are usually players with a good knowledge of the game and computers. They would easily work out how to get around this.

    I think any solution must be an automated solution. Which isn't easy...

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