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Thread: Global server complaint

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    Angry Global server complaint


    Hunter server in World Championship
    Delete more than 50 account for the Arabs and the village of Wonders in the calculation :

    We are suffering from it since the beginning of the server because of prejudice and injustice deliberately repeated today , but went too far in that and in the immediately deleted without warning or running counter and accounts where thousands of gold

    Please retrieve or recover gold accounts and the village of Wonders

    Or will be published injustice done to the Arabs in all Arabic sites and cut deal has been announced , and the involvement of all the servers in the future

    You must deal honestly and not to circumvent the server because of the unjust actions of a fisherman , extremist and should bear the full responsibility Travian administration and return the gold to us because of the immediate deletion

    Jq in any action in the immediate deletion of more than 50 account and the village of Wonders ?

    You should return to normal or send gold to your e-mail accounts or will be published this injustice in all forums Travian Arab and non-Arab

    During the 24 hours that have not been retrieved or rolled gold accounts that have been deleted ?

    Will start posting threads in all the sites and e-mail groups

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    All complaints should be sent to and not on forum or any other site/group. Spamming the forum with dozens of threads will not solve your problem but on the contrary it will result in a forum ban for you & all your friends posting the same topic over & over again.

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