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Thread: Muffin is Rising

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    missed that.... wish I hadn't used my ointments now

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    the MH cannot find anything wrong with muffin`s account.

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    Buying villas can be a boost but the income is nothing compared to a raiders and when it comes to building armies you can only build so fast.
    Largest empire award is the lamest one given at the server end.
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    This guy is up to 16 villages. That is nothing short of insane. You can't tell me that isn't a huge advantage, although I guess the main advantage is that he will have such a big CP production, which he doesn't need anyway.

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    He didn't say it isn't an advantage, just that good raiding is better. The top raider is at about 5600000 right now. 90 hours into the server, that is about 62000/hour. that is the same as having about 7 more fully developed villages (no oasis). So for total resources, they are probably pretty similar.

    Looking at that, the top raider has the advantage of an having an army, while muffin has put 100s of thousands (millions?) of resources into his villages, and as such probably doesn't have as good of an army at this point.

    I wonder which way is less stressful. muffin doesn't need to worry (much) about losing his army because he has a better base to rebuild it from, but if someone made a concerted effort to wreck him, that would be a huge expense with nothing to show for it.

    Actually, considering his size, i am surprised he isn't on the raiders, and considering how good the top raider is, I am surprised how small they are

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    Muffin is rank 34th in attackers with 12,5k points. So he should have a decent army too.
    WorM had a few problems settling his second village, that's why he is a bit behind.

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    Looking at my attack points, I dont' think you can say that means much yet. 70% of my kills so far are from my hero attacking oasis alone. 20% are from attacking oasis with hero and troops and random natar/oasis respawns. the last 10% are legitimate attack points (someone else cleared what would have been my best attack before I could ). Granted, I am not a top raider, so I haven't cleared a lot of farms, but I am not too far behind muffin, so numbers 'could' be similar.

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    it might be an expensive game plan but this server is yet out of its diapers so lets wait and see how that works for the muffin account.

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    Hat-off to muffin. He is playing simming to the extreme. Keep up the good work!
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    Muffin is awesome,
    I think there is no competitor for him in this server, at least in population as only that can be seen now.

    the growth is awesome also (for last 7 days)
    21884 +258
    21626 +493
    21133 +69
    21064 +152
    20912 +243
    20669 +249

    congratz for CHAOS for getting them join the CHAOS meta.

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