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    Alright, so I am playing on com1 which is a pretty new server, and found a 15c that way really good and near me. This morning I went on and saw that someone had settled on this village, which I understand happens, but when I clicked on this player he was banned. So since he is banned is there any possible way I can get that village. I'm not that educated on what happens to banned villages and what happens to it, but my question is, is there any way of getting that village and settle on it with everything the same, or is that village lost and I need to find a new one? Sorry if there is an obvious answer, like I said I don't know a lot about inactive/banned villages and what happens to then. Sorry any help is appreciated.

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    Since the account who settled the village is banned, you will not be able to do anything about the village. If the player deletes or is deleted by the MH's, then you will be able to settle the cropper when you have the needed cp and settlers.

    If the banned player is allowed to resume playing and you still want the village then you must of course chief it before he/she makes it the capitol.

    Good luck to you and hope this helps.
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    Ok thanks, hopefully MH will delete him. At worse I'll just settle for a 75%. Thanks again.

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