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Thread: GRID tactics

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    David, you are a smart guy. Surely you could imagine that you need to send more than 4 attacks for each level of the TS so that you could cancel the ones that were not the right second.

    Quote Originally Posted by ENDJAM View Post
    ya but thats nothing i dont already know...and i didnt miss it.

    no sht people were cheating.

    break down the TS tactic of sending multiple waves...i want your explanation to be as precise as the timed waves that always get sent.

    its soooo much easier to just input the send times/land times into the bot and it does it for you..on the second, everytime. so get zeus and his multis (which we obviously knew about but obviously cant show proof, but i mean come on we know). and its not even a big deal i see this sht all the time. what is a big deal is that people still cheat to get an advantage. but seriously the only people that did the 20 waves same second were in the iranian crew. so maybe one of them can come here and explain how it was done. your off the hook dark...someone else who fits the ugly cheaters shoe that we all say fits needs to come explain. no need to vouch for your team anymore, we are passed that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andre65 View Post
    David, you are a smart guy. Surely you could imagine that you need to send more than 4 attacks for each level of the TS so that you could cancel the ones that were not the right second.

    Also just remember,in ancient history, those with the better technology were often thought to be gods (cheaters)

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    my problem is travian switching from infinite length of inc/out at rally point to this 10 per page crap. recalling waves is a task in itself now :/ and as mentioned above andre, i just wanted a better explanation im old skool so spell it out for me type of thing, im also getting old i cant help it. u noticed that not many contributed to any sort of explanation...because they cant/dont do it either lol. im still a noob what can i say. and u obviously know me calling me by name. i try to be low pro here so dont blow my cover

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    Quote Originally Posted by ENDJAM View Post
    u noticed that not many contributed to any sort of explanation...because they cant/dont do it either lol.
    In war, whether it is in real life or a game you never give your hand away fully. We have given you the cornerstone to what we were doing and a small breakdown on how we were doing it. If you were on my team then you would get the full report on how it is done but someday I may be playing against you again. So for me to show you my 4 aces woud be like shooting myself in the foot.

    I know that sounds a bit selfish but where in the Travian rules does it state, we have to explain anything to you?? So you can sit here and spout how we cheated cause we do not give you "step by step instructions" or you can take the amount of information we have given you and go play with it on whatever server you are on now. Trust me once you practice and get it, you will see how wrong you were in your assumptions.
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    Don't see why you all argue so much about it... it is nothing that hasn't been seen by now... just look at tournament, for example... so if you want to know how it is done go speak with people there.

    Grid for sure didn't invent anything new. And yea, don't see why anyone expect for Grid people to explain, admit, confirm anything... why should they? Whatever you write here in the end... all sides will still think what they initially thought... and those that are accused, well they are the one that know how things are, no matter writing here. Others can only question if they are honest when writing here or not.

    But yea... whatever makes anyone happy, stay smart!
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    Well I suppose I'll take a shot at explaining how this could be done. Keep in mind that I haven't played s6 or fought against GRID for that matter, so I'm not entirely sure how the progression of attacks are seen, i.e, does one player send 6 and suddenly there's 4, then an additional 5 waves are sent hours later from same player (making 9) and suddenly there's 8..

    Scenario: You want to send 20 waves at player X, so you either have two hammers (complicated, but makes things *much* easier) or you have a single hammer and a ton of cata in one villa, or one hammer and a few cata villages.

    One hammer, tons of cata, all single villa:

    You start by reducing your TS to a level that's suitable for you. Say you need 1 level per 4-set of cata waves. So you'd be upgrading your TS from 16 to 20 or 10 to 14 and so on. Let's assume it takes 50 hours for travel to the intended target at level 20. Each reduction in level reduces army speed by 10%.

    300% (from TS 20 speed bonus) * X (TS 0) = 50 (Travel time at TS 20)
    X = 50/300 = 0.16666 hours * 60 mins = 10 mins.

    So each level of the TS reduces your travel time by 10 mins, if target takes 50 hours to reach at TS 20.

    So you begin at TS 16, and launch your clear + several waves. If connection is good, all four will go same sec without a hitch. If bad, maybe you only get 2+2. Let's say all four went through same sec.

    Quickly look through RP to see what page they fall on. Save the link to said page for easy recall. Link would look something like "blahblahpage=10" (This step is probably skipped now since the RP has been changed once again to show all incoming/outgoing on a single page - thanks Travian)

    Upgrade your TS to 17. You now have approximately 10 mins or less to set up another set of waves. Set up 6 waves. If you use offline method, use another separate window to see the server time or use an offline timer to aid you. Launch 6 waves and cancel the ones that don't land where you want. Let's say you only had to recall 2/6 that either fired off early or they straggled too far behind, and so now you have 8 same second waves going to the same target.

    Upgrade TS to 18,19,20. Repeat above method x3.

    As you can imagine this would be extremely inconvenient and expensive for the average player, more so when more than one fake/real target is involved. However there are numerous (and legal) attack planners out there that will sequence attacks up for you, including adding adjustments for TS.

    Multiple hammers/cata villages

    If your hammer villages are kept relatively close, you would have to keep each hammer at different TS levels. For example, you have a rammer and a cata hammer in neighboring villas, so your rammer TS would be lower than your cata TS. I personally would keep it this way since it is much less risky to tack waves onto an earlier attack than it is to throw a separate cleaner in front of your catas, leaving at least a 1-sec gap which still invites possibilities of insert.

    Once again repeat above-mentioned methods. You may only have to downgrade/upgrade each TS two times each if you're still going for the 20 waves. Most common number of waves I've seen is just 8 waves though.

    It is easy to see how this method can quickly become tiring, time-consuming, and expensive in the long-run with multiple fake targets. But for hardcore players, putting this much effort into attacks is nothing new.

    What I don't have explanations for are those who seem to nail a landing time every time. No canceling of waves, no mis-sends, no catas before clear, etc., ever. It is those players who you assume use bots, or maybe mouseclickers, or some other aid. Even with an offline timer, there's still some mental timing occurring and it's not uncommon for even best players to be 1,2 seconds off on a few attacks. If perfection was to be seen out of 80% of attackers in a usual meta, then it strains credulity and yes, people will start to ask: how do you do it?
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    i got the just of the idea from previous posts...but that sir, is an explanation that i was requesting , thank you.

    travian needs to stop adding things to make the game difficult. we can understand their changes for money purposes but changing the RP to 10 per page in my opinion was the worst change ever made. very inconvenient. recalling waves from a raiding village is a joke. but ya i guess with this new t 4.4 the adjustment was just now starting an account to check for fun

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