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    Dear Users,

    please post only com3 battle reports here, sticking to the rules which means:
    4 Netiquette
    Displaying coordinates, village names, player names or any other (unique) identifier connected to posting battle reports unless both participants allowed it.
    Everybody posting Spam (posts without battle reports) here will be infracted with one point per post. Please use the discussion thread for discussion of your battle reports.
    You've got a question? You can find the answer here: T2.5/T3 Answers / T4 Answers / New User Moderation

    Moderators work on a voluntary basis and are therefore not available 24 hours a day.

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    Hehe, good one .

    To kick off, someone attacked us and we countered it:

    And another counter:

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    Quote Originally Posted by kombat View Post
    ouch that had to hurt so early in the game
    I hope it did .

    Aaaand another one:

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