Dear players!

We want to offer you the unique possibility to present your idea's for the Natarian Wonder of the World stories. Each story will be read and the best will be taken in the future to announce the Natarian Wonder of the World.

As we actually do not have a story I can not present you an example, however I can give you some essential information. The story should include 3 chapters:
  • Chapter 1: Natars are starting to build their Wonder of the World
  • Chapter 2: Natarian Wonder of the World reached level 75
  • Chapter 3: Natars finished their Wonder of the Wold and won the server

The 3 winners will get nice awards usable on a .com server of their choice:
1st place: 600 Gold
2nd place: 300 Gold
3rd place: 150 Gold

Please send your stories to until June 30th. We wish you good luck!

Kind regards