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Thread: Good Memories we will keep from this server

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    Default Good Memories we will keep from this server

    Now the server seems to come to its end I would like to share with you some of the good memories ill take with me cause as i know from other players who play many years travian that its not winning or loosing , its the journey we do til the end and not the destination (win or loose not much difference)

    I try to keep only good memories from every server , this is why i think better to stay with them as a game is used only for fun

    I really enjoyed playing with a team that even though many of the guys had several times their caps croplocked
    they continue fighting and ended the game . My compliments to all those fighters from all METAS who lost their cropfields and worse caps or non cap hammers and stayed till end.

    I really enjoyed the fights at borders with Pantheon guys , where i helped the Bg there . It was the essense of the real Travian

    I really enjoyed played against odds having to confront 3 METAS sometimes at same Ops.

    I really enjoyed being in a group of leaders that had no one egoistic character (you all know what i mean as we have bumped into some many times playing travian) and played initially not for their account but FIRST for their team proving it during game at least one time each.

    Finally i really enjoyed having very few dramas among members and leaders also considering the pressure the team had by many enemies

    Wish you all to have a nice summer and might meet again in another servers as allies or enemies

    Asta la vista

    Al Capone
    Al Capone - HELLAS-CWL-IMMORTALS com4,com5,com7
    KillerCap Goats-Com1

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    I hate thinking that IM will win but still I must admit that you made a good job. Stand againts 3 quads is a challenge. Next time we need to be united and do not play every alliance alone There never was 3 vs 1 but like some told 1+1+1 vs 1

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    Cool Best regards


    For me, is my second Travian in life, and my second Travian win in row... Fantastic... Great... Wonderfull... But the Best, is the Team Work... The compromise...

    Thanks all my Meta Team... Thanks all the others Meta Team... i haved great time playing with or agains you..


    El Grupo

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    Default Gratitude to the Anvils

    On my profile page is a defense ribbon. I did not earn it. Hammers are defenseless creatures. We rely on the anvils to save us, our accounts, our hard built hammers. That ribbon was really earned by the IM Anvils (including my 2 friends who came with me and acted as my PDs). One of those PDs sent the EIs that showed up at the UAs almost last stand. One was a great defender of two large hammers.

    All the IM anvils held strong against 3 quads. Enemy hammers crumpled on our anvil walls. It was a memorable night when I stayed up late and watched enemy hammers evaporate at the UA. I admired what I was seeing. Never saw that many enemy hammers fall and go home with nothing.

    Not only did IM anvils provide my standing defense they did the snipes that the alliance needed. They stayed online to count down seconds. It takes skill, but more than that, it takes commitment. Really big commitment.

    I wish to do two things with this message.

    1. Thank the IM anvils and snipers and the ones running the defense team. You have no idea how much the hammers love you. Our months of work comes down to you being there to protect and defend it. And I bet Calamity/ WW team would hug each of you for the amazing way you defended the WW and artifacts.
    2. Ask Travian Support Team to find a way to honor the anvils. Id gladly hand over my ribbon to you all. It would only be fair. So maybe I am asking for a more just system. Pay attention Travian support its a serious suggestion for improved game play.

    =====One of my best memories of the game our Anvils!!

    With gratitude,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Galaxysong View Post
    2. Ask Travian Support Team to find a way to honor the anvils. I’d gladly hand over my ribbon to you all. It would only be fair. So maybe I am asking for a more just system. Pay attention Travian support – it’s a serious suggestion for improved game play.
    Agreed, own category for splits. I'd give my 7th kidney to get the data on the most active splitters around. And preferably an indicator of the village from where the split was sent, please.
    emag_sihtETAH / Dreaver / Popsiclepadawans
    Infamous ●●● 2009-2015

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    Cool sorry EMAG

    I am really sorry sir but as you were so hot....they asked me to wall and snipe you..

    I admit it was not so easy because you had an EE but it was all fun

    next server to find me you will need to work a bit....there is one everhard :P

    cheers !

    and I would thank to thanks a lot my teammate Galaxy Song because we defenders are going to be recognized finally for our work !

    congrats to all the players on the was not easy to win but we did...because WE are WE !!!!

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    Cool My Funnest server in years, maybe ever

    Dear IMMORTALs (and opponents)

    We have come to the end of what in my opinion has been the most active and fun server in years. We fought great battles and took many hard hits but our team never wavered. Our foes have thrown out many accusations towards IM over the years and came to this server to do everything they could to stop us. Try as they might they have failed for a third time….

    Once again this team has proven why we are the IMMORTALs, and I take great pride to say I am part of this team. While some of the past leaders took a step back this server, new leaders have stepped up and they never missed a beat, another astounding testament to IM’s structure and depth.

    Our success is shared by us all; no one account has been more important than another. Our foes outnumbered us 3 to 1 in the beginning but in the end it mattered none. We unified our quad faster than any other. We secured and shared more artifacts than any other. We took more hits and in turn killed more enemy troops than any other both in attacking and defending. We out lasted, outsmarted, and in the end outnumbered any meta. We are immortal because we do what we do and we are who we are.. WE ARE WE!!!!!

    Thank you all for making our leader jobs look easy. It was a great battle by all and the funnest server I have ever played. Look forward to seeing you all return in future.


    Dogger (Tyler)
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    Finally finding a group of warriors that work together as a team and even a family is great. Very few prima donnas. And willing to help when needed if at all possible. That makes for the most fun possible, not to mention winning. As long as I'm able and allowed, I will be IM. Hope to see all of you again and again, to battle the other quads. It's also been hard to find anyone to put up with this old curmudgeon. Immortals to victory!

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    Default First time finishing

    So you guys carried me, seriously. This is the first time I've played a server all the way to the end and just hope I could have been of some help by supplying defense and crop. I learned so much and hope to play with you all again.

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    Hi all,
    When I came on com5 I didn't have any idea about it's previous history, I think I was lucky to settle in SW since I did so randomly, it's my third server but indeed it's my first time to be in a real team and among a big family called IM, I'm really proud that they allowed me to be part of this team.

    It was a really funny server, although I had a lot of real life issues and decided to step aside, I couldn't stay away and was checking whenever I can, there were lot of battles that we win, and there were some tough moments like when my hammer was chiefed,that's what made this server special.

    The leadership did a great job, and in overall, IM leaders were the best, thank you for all the time and effort on planning and tracking the process.
    Also I want to thank my sitters (TLH& keevan) and my great dual Jomar, you guys kept the Matrix account alive.
    A credit goes for our opponents too who kept the fight till the last round, you did great battles and damaged us a lot, I wish you a better luck in the next server.

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