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Thread: Not picky; any Alliance would do the trick!

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    Default Not picky; any Alliance would do the trick!

    Have been playing the game for three days now... A simple game yet definitely requires extreme caution with the decission making part of it ... I was sceptical about giving the game a try for years but now I'm glad that I finally did...
    I'm located in the SE sector/ population almost to hit 70 / strategywise im a bit on the status quo side of the scale (that is farming combined with a defensive gameplay) however do have strong feelings about sustaining team spirit...
    Looking forward to hear from you folks
    Have fun!

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    Are you sure you posted in the correct forum ? T10 started ages ago, artefacts already out, too late to do anything on this server for a new entrant. Id say try another server

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    start an alliance bro; call it cheese steak
    R.I.P my sweet prince 1889-1945

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