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Thread: comx Dual Requests

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    Hey there ,

    Me and my partner are looking for one more player to join our account .
    The account is doing pretty well , top20 in the server , good hero with necessary items . We started by raiding in the beginning of the server(we are teutons), but we stopped doing troops since raiding wasn't doing very well , only in the 1st week when we got a medal . Anyway , some days ago we made through 40k crop production per hour in our cropper and we started npc'ing (with stable and barracks at level 20 ofc) and doing troops . In 2 days we made about 6k offensive troops and we started raiding already . Tomorrow we'll join with some of the players around us in our alliance and start cleaning/crop locking/zero popping the major threats near us . Me and my partner have plenty experience with travian .

    Now , what do we ask of you ?

    - We want someone that is willing to work as a team , being respectful and also has a good sense of humor .
    - You need to be fluent in english .
    - Someone willing to kick a** the whole server and not caring about really winning it .
    - We preffer someone from Australia or America , since we are both GMT+0(Europe) .
    - You need to have experience with teutons , artifacts and this version .
    - Willing to buy gold , since we both do it . You don't need to buy it right away when you join the account , but we are looking for someone that takes the server and most importantly the account , very seriously .
    - Skype is more than a must .
    - You will be submitted to some questions . Oh and we will ask you about previous servers and we want proofs that you are who you are saying . Printscreens for example , *********** . . I don't know , use your imagination , but you have to prove it .
    - Most important: ALWAYS before doing something , asking if everyone or atleast to 1 of us if it's okay . If you are alone in the account follow what we have agreed on , if it's something unexpected , then it's your call .
    - Being able to help with adding new farms to the farm list .

    If you are interested , please add me on skype: echoeist666

    Before doing it , remmember , if you want to get in , you gotta impress us and show us you are the right one for this account so read everything carefully . Once you do it and we accept you , the account is also yours(know what I mean, right?)

    Metallica or die.

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    Hello everyone

    We are looking for a dual on this server for a top10 Attackers and Defenders account we playing as Teutons. There are currently 3 of us, looking for one more to help us out you can add me on skype: kmilo.metal

    Now what do we ask?

    Be fluent in english or atleast know what you're saying and understand the language

    You need to have experience as Teutons and how to farm <-- MUST KNOW HOW TO FIND NEW FARMS

    Skype is a must

    You will be asked some questions about previous servers, etc

    If we accept you remember the account is also yours.

    contact me if interested

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    Default dual for


    I'm looking for an experienced dual that comes online when I sleep.
    I can be online from when I get up in the morning until I go to sleep in the evening.
    It's GMT +1 where I live.
    So I'm looking for someone from USA or Australia...someone that lives in a different time zone.
    I'm a teuton and I don't farm much.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Manuel123 View Post
    Hi everybody

    I am looking for a dual for my Teuton top 500 account (2 villages) , You don't have to be very experienced neither do you have to buy gold. I am just looking for someone who can help me by being active. My timezone is GMT+1 so it would be nice if you're living in America or India (for example). Contact me if your interested!
    Skype: manuell2112
    We are still looking for a 3rd player! top 300 now

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    Default Gauls account

    I'm looking for dual for Gaul account...I started a week later than the others....
    I have 3 villages and residence lvl 10 in 3rd village, in few days I will reach enough culture points and create a new village....

    first village have 1800+ phalanx and 500 pop (+25% lumber, +25% crop)
    second village is without any army, but it have 3 crannies lvl 10 and it has 300+ pop
    third village have 100+ swordsman for now, I just started with building off in that one, with 200+ pop (7 crop, +50% crop)

    hero is lvl 11 for now, and ranked about 2000th
    pop. rank is about 1100
    and attack is about 1000

    I'm in a good ally, wing of strongest ally on server...

    I won't be online much any more, so I need dual that will play almost alone...

    Please contact me in PM...

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    hi ,
    id love to be a duel if someone wants me i have played all tribes in depth, i have 4 years experience i had top raider accounts as well as anvil im experenced and good at the game with time to burn. id like to join a decent account if possible. im gmt 0 and may buy gold. Im dying to play a speed server so plez!
    "An army of sheep led by a lion is better than an army of lions led by a sheep."
    Alexander the Great

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    I am looking someone to play possibly the last t4.4 .com speed with. Starting 5.11.2014 5.00 UTC.

    I am Experienced player, who has been playing Gauls for 4 years, off and deff. I have been starting to play on national servers(.si) then moved to .hr,.ba,.de. Then I went to usx,ukx,comx. I have finished only 2 servers, both time in mediocre alliance who barely survived(last time around 1, maybe 2 years.).

    I come from GMT+1 (Slovenia). Unfortunately i dont buy gold, but neighter i spend it. I tend to make 400+ gold from auctions and keep it until artefacts... Anyway I have everything a decent player must have(skype,gett ertools,activity(6+hours/day), seriousness and maturity).

    My flaws are: I don't buy gold and i am a little lazy in farm adding department. Which makes me a kick*ss defensive player.

    What can you expect from me is dedication, maturity, activity, skype chatter, knowledge and willingness to expand my knowledge of the game and races. I know gauls very good, less so Romans and Teutons, but I can read all about it.

    What do I expect of you? Basicaly same as I offer i.e. Dedication, seriousness, activity, skype, be from other timezone that gmt+1.

    Edit: About account: Nothing is yet decided.

    Got what it takes? Send me PM and prove it.


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    Default Comx dual!


    After a long break of travian, I have the intention to create a top team that will break records on comx. It will be a very aggressive teuton account, gauls is also a possibility but we will discuss that later.

    What do I expect from you?
    - Dedication
    - Teamplayer
    - Understanding of basic English
    - Skype
    - Atleast 3 hours a day online

    What has the team to offer?
    - All dedicated players
    - Teamplayers
    - A lot of fun

    Interested? PM me for more info.

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