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Thread: Alliance Bashing!

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    Default Alliance Bashing!

    Come one, Come all!

    Anyone who thinks they can hold a candle to TM without it flickering out as we trample it underfoot, I challenge you to a verbal war! The tongue can be as sharp as the sword they say...

    One of course MiniBeast will have trouble participating in, but we are having one war with them already...don't want to overload them now!

    Now I see a shocking absence of trolling on this forum. I realise this could be due to the lack of the other alliances to do anything other then be outshone by TM. However I have hope yet for you sorry lot and welcome your replies

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    Guess what .. there is a guy who is geographically located in Macedonia named Alexander getting butt whooped .... OOh the irony!!

    Well Sir sorry to disappoint but there are some great alliances on this map. There is WW ... dealing in illegal pelt export of exotic animals. Last I heard PETA was searching evidence to sue them. However they claim the oasis were deserted and animals had migrated north long ago.

    Then there are Southern alliances ... wait .... what ... there is a South in this map !??!?

    Then there is this Pack of Farms ... Farm in Packs .... whatever

    There is =V= which stands for virus .... perhaps rabies ... Killing alot but what Iam not sure.

    Shadows ... well now we are talking ... Most of the potential farms are a part of this grand meta. They are probably relying on the Zombie apocalypse to win.

    TM ... got big mouth .... something to back up the big mouth ... but still a big mouth .... could be more useful in a private setting.
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    A big mouth in a quiet room...

    But anyway, I've always felt shouting the loudest is the best way to get heard

    Seems you highlighted all the notable alliances dotted around our little map, but I think we've missed some out. Those who have perhaps stumbled onto the VP board perhaps seem worth a mention? RSE-G holding a large artefact village rather inconspicuously, and another one of the Glad-to-be-meta group TGEN-G finding themselves in joint second place with Shadows behind yours truly. Oh!... and we can't forget our Southern Friends, however far across the sea they seem with Whoosh and IM-A both taking residence on the VP board.

    So if you want my unbiased, impartial opinion it looks very much like a scramble for 2nd place right now. Maybe we'll see how this changes when more larger artefact villages are introduced to the..rather uneventful..fray.

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    Time to step up your game.

    Love from TM
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