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Thread: WILD Server Observer Month 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by heldire View Post
    Yes I havnt trolled anyone in like a week or two its long overdue. Immortals and ...uhmm... (who else is relevant on this server)(Ill just go check the top 20 simmers to get another alliance name)(oh wow its just WILD and IM)...

    Immortals are weak and lack leadership, so much so they are almost irrelevant and will soon be overrun by the thousands of noobs in their quad.
    Man we are trying over here at Immortals. It is tough. Thankfully BwB has taken in the 1000s of NOOBS in the SW that had been rejected by IM for whatever reason. I hope BwB can teach these guys how to sim better....We need some more productive farms down here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wishmaster3 View Post
    Good luck with keeping track of the 10 (?) BwB or w/e wings :P
    Yeah, I'll be dusting off the excel and scripting skills for that one, methinks...

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    Desert Fox - gogo, we are at day 62 so a Server Observer Month 2 should be in order

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    Glad I waited to make popcorn what a read.. Going to go find something sharp to stab myself in eyes with now...

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